VEXXHOST Web Hosting is a debt free private company based in Montreal, Canada. They are one of the world’s leading hosting providers with over 10 years of experience in web hosting services. They are known for their superb support and up-time. Their superior network and server infrastructure puts them as one of the highest quality hosting providers. They operate two data centers and they own all of their network and servers equipment. Their high quality service does not reflect their affordable prices. VEXXHOST are well established as a serious hosting company.

Data Center

VEXXHOST operates two private data-centers in downtown Montreal, Canada. VEXXHOST owns and operates all of the hardware, from servers to switches & routers as well as their own BGP network for maximum redundancy. Their two data-centers are one of the highly advanced data-centers located in Canada, located on a key position to provide the best bandwidth usage and connectivity to Canada, USA and the whole world. Security is the biggest priority at VEXXHOST as they do not permit anyone to access any of their own data-centers. Access to any servers is strictly controlled with manned security on-site 24/7. All access & entrance points in the data-centers are monitored by a dedicated internal security consisting of individual card swipes; biometric scanners & color CCTV secure access. Air conditioning system is configured with 133% built-in redundancy. Only 75% of the air conditioning units are required to support the heat generated by the servers with the data-centers at maximum occupancy. All systems are fully redundant and configured in a way where global power of air-conditioning units increases after a unit failure to replace the cooling that the failed unit provided. Main power switchgear can support 133% of the maximum power load in the data-centers, if fully occupied. If the main power supply should fail at anytime, a series of 4 diesel generators seamlessly kick in while power is switched to batteries till the diesel generators are ready, then the power switches over to the generators. Generators can run for 7 days with on-site fuel loads without being refueled, they can also be refueled at anytime without having to shut them down.


VEXXHOST network is consisted of strictly Cisco hardware only; Cisco has been and continues to be the leader in premium high quality network hardware. Network infrastructure has been designed to be completely redundant and sustain failures without having their whole network go down. VEXXHOST operates their own BGP network with multiple peering so in case of any of the providers goes down, they have other backup providers to replace them instantly. VEXXHOST network operation center monitors and controls all of their servers in the two data-centers, they run minutely checks on all services to ensure that  everything is working, if anything besides normal response is returned, the issue is reported instantly and escalated to be verified by a system administrator within a minute. This ensures no downtime at all and avoiding extended downtime periods.


VEXXHOST’s current hosting philosophy is based on guaranteed performance. And this performance comes from the best top of the line hardware and the software they are using, Xeon server processors, ECC RAM, RAID array systems, redundant power supplies, IPMI, KVM and much more, While other hosts may try to cram as many accounts as possible on shared servers, VEXXHOST has set sites-per-server ratios for each level of their service: Personal, Business & Reseller. These ratios are based on careful analysis and years of research by their technical operations gurus. In addition, they are continually upgrading their hardware platforms to be among the best in the industry.

Technical Support

Experience with over 10 years in the web hosting business, it’s obvious they know what they’re doing. Each member of VEXXHOST staff has been chosen based on their industry experience and is dedicated to client-centric philosophy. Over the years they have continually worked to improve services and exceed their clients expectations. With VEXXHOST, you can feel comfort in knowing your web hosting provider has a strong track record of providing quality and reliability of service. Best of all, things will only keep getting better.


VEXXHOST Plans ranges from the basic shared hosting to the highest complex dedicated hosting passing through reseller web hosting and VPS (virtual private server) hosting. This makes it easy for VEXXHOST clients to upgrade while their websites become more popular and busy.


Comparing VEXXHOST prices with their quality hosting, VEXXHOST has the best deals ever starting at $2.55/month.

Other Services

VEXXHOST offer a wide range of variety of services related to web hosting such as domain names, SSL certificates, Fantastico, website builders and backup systems which make it very easy to their client as they all all what they need under one provider with an affordable prices.


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