Seventh Annual WSO2 Summer School Series Focuses on Data Analytics Best Practices for Optimizing Business Insights

WSO2 delivers the only fully integrated open source enterprise middleware platform to support today’s enterprise environments—internally and across the cloud, mobile devices, and Internet of Things.

WSO2 Summer School returns for a seventh year by popular demand. The all-new classes for 2015 will focus on the dialect of data analytics, and how systems and applications built on the right analytics platform can empower customers and internal decision-makers to make better, more informed choices. The free classes run July 14 – July 28, 2015. For details and to sign up, visit

Since 2009, WSO2’s interactive Web-based program has helped more than 2,000 IT professionals become more familiar with the technologies and best practices for building, integrating and deploying enterprise applications and services—on-premises and in the cloud. The program is open to all individuals who want to boost their knowledge directly from some of the industry’s leading experts—a once-a-year opportunity to obtain thousands of dollars worth of professional training at zero cost.

July 14: Introduction to Data Science and Analytics

This session serves as an introduction to WSO2 Summer School and will discuss how to build an analytics pipeline for the organization and for each use case. It also will review the technology and tooling choices that need to be made. Additionally, the session will explore four analytics themes:

    Hindsight (what happened)
    Oversight (what is happening)
    Insight (why it is happening)
    Foresight (what is likely to happen)

Presenting will be Dr. Srinath Perera, WSO2 vice president of research. The webinar will be held Tuesday, July 14, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PDT. For more information, visit

July 16: Batch and Interactive Analytics: From Data to Insight

Continually optimizing the operations of complex systems requires a system that can process and make sense of large numbers of transactions. This session will examine how batch-processing systems, coupled with a highly distributed data processing framework, can enable more efficiency in obtaining operational insights. It also will discuss how to use Apache Spark along with a distributed indexing mechanism, and it will examine how to achieve greater functionality and flexibility in data analytics.

Presenting will be Anjana Fernando, WSO2 senior technical lead, who focuses on integration technologies and data analytics. The webinar will be held Thursday, July 16, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PDT. Visit to learn more.

July 21: Predictive Analytics: From Data to Foresight

Increasingly, companies are using machine-learning techniques to perform predictive analytics—most frequently to forecast individual customers’ interests and actions in order to provide them with more personalized service. This session will present an overview of predictive analytics and an introduction to machine learning. It then will discuss widely used machine-learning techniques. Finally, the webinar will preview the new WSO2 Machine Learner product and demonstrate its use in solving a real-world machine-learning challenge.

Presenting will be Nirmal Fernando, WSO2 associate technical lead. The webinar will be held Tuesday, July 21, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PDT. For more information, visit

July 23: Real-Time Analytics: From Data to Actions in Milliseconds

Identifying threats and utilizing opportunities in real time is critical for many business systems, such as those handling stock transactions, healthcare monitoring, and vehicle tracking, to name a few. This session will focus on how to build real-time analytics solutions that cater to low-latency, high-volume requirements and support high availability and scalability. Topics covered in this session will include:

    An introduction to real-time processing
    Real-time processing patterns
    Scalable distributed real-time processing
    Real-time features in WSO2 Complex Event Processor
    Integration with Apache Storm

Session presenter Sriskandarajah Suhothayan is a WSO2 technical lead focusing on WSO2 Complex Event Processor. The webinar will be held Thursday, July 23, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PDT. Visit to learn more.

July 28: Analytics in Action

Putting best practices into action is the focus of this concluding WSO2 Summer School session. It will review how batch, real-time, predictive, and interactive analytics tools and technologies are being applied in the world of business, sports and geo-fencing. These real-world use cases also will examine how the concepts of hindsight, oversight, insight and foresight are collectively employed to make better decisions using the vast amounts of information generated in today’s data-rich world

Presenting will be Seshika Fernando, WSO2 technical lead, who focuses on the application of WSO2 products in financial markets. The webinar will be held Tuesday, July 28, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PDT. Visit for more information.

About WSO2

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The Pleasures Associated With Motion Picture Education

True, regarding future filmmakers film school really are a joy. Not only does it serve to give you the general skill set you’ll need, but in addition it acts to shape your passion and provide you with the actual push when leaving college, to produce function that is fresh and new. Generally there are a few schools in this nation that have outstanding reputations.

Certainly California will almost certainly create more movie schools compared to any where else, True, New York is a detailed second, nevertheless there are numerous film school possibilities in other areas of the nation. I will discuss some of the heavies first as they are the absolute best for a lot of aspiring filmmakers. The elite school to go to would of course be the AFI conservatory. Founded in 1967, they provide 6 areas of course research: Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Producing, Production Design, in addition to Screenwriting. AFI is specially devoted to conventional narrative film.

Correct, California Institute for the Arts (Cal Arts), was created in 1959 by Walt disney in 1961, with an emphasis on animation. San Francisco State College has a movie program, also created within the 60’s among the politics expansiveness of that some time and their course work is heavily influenced buy experimental film. Then there is always UCLA Film School as well as USC also.

When it comes to New York you’ve Columbia University College of the Arts and NYU. The two possess heavy rosters associated with Directors as well as Film writers which have come up in the rankings at these types of institutions. I think of Spike Lee when I think of NYU.

Those are the most famous of them all, the A list, and to enter these schools is practically a miracle by god, however, if you do, you simply scored the winning lottery ticket. If you are to be one of the numerous that are outside the golden gates looking at all the happy film students, don’t despair. There are plenty of other film schools around the country that have great applications where you can obtain the skills and training you will need.

There’s something that you have to think about when picking a college from the B list. Just how much is the education going to cost? That is the bottom line, if you get loans to get into school, you better be able to make those loan repayments 6 months following graduation. To that end the following consideration is exactly what kind of internships will they offer. See if you’re able to have a conversation with the older students in the film program so that you have a concept of what is available for you when you leave college. Who else has graduated out of this school that is noteworthy?

To tell the truth, Film School is the fact that wonderful island in the middle of an otherwise uphill fight. The equipment home loan programs in themselves count the price of entrance. Here you will have the opportunity to use digital cameras, recording, as well as editing gear along with modify bays and sound studios. There is a pool associated with actors and crew to draw from while you each assist crew for each other. For this one brief period you have the advantage of all this. Once on the other hand, having said that, you are on your own.

The actual Pacific Northwest has several film educational institutions. University of Washington comes with an outstanding film school. The Evergreen State University is well known for their liberal training. Some consider issue with the truth that there are no grades. Instead there is an assessment system in position where the student and instructor write evaluations of on their own, the instructor, and the plan. Greeners, as they are called, pride on their own in critical thinking and their plan, MediaWorks, has provided the film community along with radical, cutting edge filmmakers.

Regardless of what college you decide to go to, enjoy it although it lasts. It would be the one location it is possible to test and also have the support you need to get work done. You should plan on sleeping almost none and learn to love pizzas and inexpensive noodles.

All in all download movies could be wonderful, just make sure you help and support and you choose the videos that appeals to you.