Inc. Uncensored: Here's What Happened When an Economist Walked Into a Brothel

First up is a segment with economist and author Allison Schrager, whose new book, An Economist Walks Into a Brothel, examines economic risk of all stripes. As a retirement planner Schrager works in a financial field largely averse to great risk, so she set out to study the other extreme. For example, why would sex workers in Nevada gladly forfeit 50 percent of their earnings for added security? Why do some criminals continue to repeat committing offenses after being caught? Schrager explains it all–including her fascinating journey to report on the riskiest economic choices.

Next, editor-at-large Kimberly Weisul explains that ever since raising her first fund in 2015, Arlan Hamilton has been unusually high-profile for a venture capitalist. She came onto the scene with almost missionary zeal, advocating for the potential of women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community as entrepreneurs. Recently however, she took a step back from leading her venture fund, Backstage Capital. We discuss how the firm’s recently reported $36 million round didn’t come together as expected.

Finally, I talk about a story from our Private Titans series, on Specialized Bicycles. I explain how surprising it was to speak to the company’s founder and chief executive, Mike Sinyard, a man who has infused his company with what I dubbed a “highly functional breed of late-stage hippie capitalism.” Specialized is now a 1,600-person, $1 billion global operation–and one run on a particular balance of intuition and analytics.

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Published on: Apr 5, 2019