Writing Books Starts With Research

For many writers, also the great ones, doing research is the least liked aspect of penning books. A lot of authors thus avoid this particular part of the process and you can absolutely tell when you go through their manuscript whether they were diligent in finding aspects of the characters, setting, or even history that can only be found by doing labored research. Several authors these days deceive by using only the internet to accomplish their research but that is truly only a cop out. Actual research could only be carried out by going to the library and through first hand experience. In the event that one of your characters is a police officer but you yourself have never stepped foot in a police station then your sketches will appear weak and thin and inspired mainly with what you observe on tv.

Using the policeman as an example there are numerous things you can do to ensure that your character is rich and complex and a lot more important, realistic. Head out to your nearby library and look up any books they may have on police work in general. Bring a bunch of index cards and make information when you discover something important that you may intend to use later on. If you already know that your cop character works in Los Angeles, you will need to find several history books on Los Angeles and find out about the background of police in Los Angeles. Who were the former police chiefs? Just what events, like the Watts Riots of the sixties helped to shape public notion of the department? Has your character ever took part in any high profile cases like the O.J. Simpson murder case, for instance? What exactly is your character’s rank and just how did he get there?

As you can tell, character studies are closely associated with research. Before you get too deep into research you should establish a number of things. Who are your primary characters? You need a minimum of two, but no more than five primary characters. Way too many characters will dilute your story and take away from the significance of the primary characters. Whenever penning books a writer must know where their story takes place. Once you have established the place, you have to do research to see as much as you can with that place, even if you have resided there for a long time and think you already know it inside and out. A huge element of quality research when authoring books is actually getting other people’s perspective as well as opinions just before making your own.

In addition , you need to establish a time frame for your novel before diving into research. If your story is based in the nineteen twenties then any kind of research must be limited to that period of time and before it, though it can help also to know the history of the area after your story is set in order to make the story relevant. A lot of of the finest books ever written possess effective foreshadowing and draw parallels to current events.

Don’t be terrified of research. On the other hand, you must enjoy the process and think of it as a means to learn more about a specific subject. Not only will your book be richer and more believable with diligent, studious research, but your brain will be enriched at the same time.

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