Why Your Online Image Matters

A lot of businessmen are now using the Internet to build a reputable brand for themselves or their company. Lots of time, effort, and money are expended in order to establish a positive image and reputation online, which in turn will allow them to develop a growing customer base and increase profits. Most of the time, this work can prove to be invaluable, especially if you know your Internet marketing stuff. However, all that work can easily be rendered useless in just a matter of minutes by slander and libel.

90% of the market utilize the Internet search engines to aid them in product research, which in turn influences their purchasing decisions. Even if most consumers purchase offline, they get their information mostly in the Internet. This is the main advantage of being present online.

Your company’s search engine rankings are influenced by SEO, most especially the keywords that are targeted towards your potential customers and clients. So if you’re enjoying a high ranking in the SERPs for the keyword “dog food”, for example, this will also influence your rankings in the search engines in the event that slanderous or libelous information will be spread online.

This defamation of character which you are experiencing can be due to the negative information which is proliferated online. Every time consumers use various search engines such as Bing, Google, or Yahoo, they can instantly read these destructive articles about you. These defamation slander assaults may be done by anyone, even by people whom you don’t expect to stab you in the back. The attacks may be made through messages in forums as well as blog posts. It can even be articles made by unhappy employees, displeased customers or unscrupulous competitors. Consider these scenarios and as you take time to think about this, you will understand the dangers of online defamation.

Generally, you can handle this kind of problem and manage online reputation in three ways. You can choose to ignore it and hope that it will all go away soon, which is not likely to happen within the next ten years. You can also resort to legal action. Sue the person responsible for those slander and libel. But take note – this can be pretty expensive and may even result in your bankruptcy.

Why? Because you’re spending money while the case drags on in court. Meanwhile, nobody is doing business with you because of all the negative publicity. The third option would be to get a slander and libel repair agency to pull down those nasty SERPs to the 10th, 15th, or maybe 20th page.

Defamation of character being experienced by your business is the effect of malicious information being spread out through the Internet. Every time a prospective consumer searches you through Google, Bing, or Yahoo, they will likely access those negative articles about you or your company. In order to address this, the expert will do search engine reputation management to handle the negative press and boost your image online.

In this day and age, the right or wrong information about your business can make or break it. Any ex-employee, wronged customer, or perhaps a brand activist can easily create a blog or write an article with the purpose of ruining your reputation. Get help from an expert SEO company specializing in brand protection and reputation management online, and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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