Why Are You Still Having a Very Low Revenue on Your Site?

So now you have created a new website with your nice domain name. It’s all looking great, and you’ve already put a lot of great stuff into it. You’re now also on the process of optimizing your site for search engines, and so far traffic is looking great. But you still feel like you’re missing something, and you really feel that the income is not enough. You’ve done well, so why isn’t it working at all? You will find that the number one cause of non-conversion is because of the very poor quality of the website, most especially of your landing page. If you cannot lure your readers with your content and with your site’s design, you will most probably not convert him into a buyer.

To totally gauge how much value your customers get from your website, there is a need to ask these questions: “What is missing on my website?” “What will make customers stay on the site more?” “What elements are missing on the site?” Here are some of the things you need to consider to improve your site in aesthetics as well as in content. Mind you, most of these guidelines are basic, but most website developers need to be repetitively reminded of the importance of these guidelines, because even just non-compliance to a single guideline will totally cripple your site’s potential for income generation.

1) Great Content – I say Great Content and not merely Content because great content is what will set you apart from the other website. If you can offer something new to the reader, something that can’t be found anywhere else, then you have an edge. Your articles must be void of any obvious grammar, and should be easily understandle.

2) Simplicity – Let’s face it – not a lot of visitors go to your site to look at the website’s graphics, they will go there for your articles and your products. Do not complicate whatever designs you have; instead, focus on creating designs that makes your content highly readable. Use this simplicity to get rid of too much information that may discourage the reader from reading because of the overwhelming number of words on a single page. Do not overload your page with images as well, use it sparingly.

3) Interactivity – The Internet is ever-evolving. It’s changing every second, and if you’re website stays idle long enough, you will not get the revenue that you’re expecting. Your website should be busy looking and must interact with its readers. Use comment sections effectively and build forum sites if you think it’s necessary.

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