Which is Better – Mini Sites or Authority Sites?

People prefer the mini-site approach or building an authority site because each one has unique aspects that serve a particular purpose. It is more than possible to create a mini site that has very specific information that is of good quality. With that said, we do realize that an online marketer will choose the model they think will be in their best interests. While only operating with a network of mini sites, that approach does require a certain amount of risk and greater effort. Although you can more successfully do that with an authority site. But yes, you can still find ways to make good money by only using mini-sites.

Some people prefer to build mini sites because they want to start making money as soon as possible. This technique can work in some cases. But we would caution you about permanently adopting the “quicker profits” attitude because that will cause you to miss out on many things. Rather than target a broad market, for example, you could split it into many smaller niches, each based on a profitable keyword or two. This would be the basis for a collection of mini sites, each one based on one of your keywords. If this is properly planned, you could have several sites that rank well for your chosen words. Of course, it’s fairly obvious that mini sites are not looked upon favorably by Google.

As you know, maybe, Google changes their algorithm to reward things they like and penalize what they do not like. If you listen to what it’s been saying recently, you can be sure that mini sites are considered less valuable than sites with more valuable content, i.e. authority sites. When your site is ranked, a quality score is determined (as with pay per click), and thinner sites are penalized. In other words, it will take more work now to rank well with a mini site or effectively optimize it. Even then, you will not get the same amount of traffic that you could earlier in 2010 with an optimized mini site. We can’t change how Google ranks sites, so we have to live with it.

An authority website gives you the opportunity for greater credibility at a faster rate. Large sites filled with helpful information are just more credible to visitors. It is a natural tendency to begin thinking the person behind the site must know what they’re talking about. For some people, this is all that is needed for credibility to be established. This rarely happens with mini sites. That doesn’t mean it never happens only that it happens rarely.

More people than you realize have wondered if a network of mini-sites is better than one big authority site. But it is usually the lesser experienced person who has a hard time with this. Different things appeal to different people for all kinds of reasons. You will be happier doing business with those things that attract you. The site structures have similarities, and we feel it is best to understand what they are because that will be valuable knowledge.

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