Where Does David Beckham Stand?

David Beckham, the legend who has been representing England’s National Soccer Team for more than 10 years is being called upon by Coach Fabio Capello. Unfortunately, Beckham isn’t getting called to lead the team, but Capello wants to give him a chance to say goodbye.

David Beckham is currently the leader in all time caps for England’s National Team. He’s made 115 appearances for the squad throughout his years. He missed this previous World Cup in South Africa as a player because of an injury, but they still brought him along because of his influence on the current players.

As Beckham gets back to full health, it doesn’t seem like England will need Beckham to qualify for the European Championships in 2012. However, Capello is doing the right thing by giving him a chance to player another international game. The fans will love it!

Capello told the public that he would be bringing Beckham to play, so he can say goodbye. He’s hoping that Beckham can do this at Wembley as it’s the perfect place to say goodbye. Capello also made it very clear that he won’t be using Beckham in any competitive games.

We all know that David’s career is coming to an end. He’s 35 and as much as England doesn’t want to let him go, it’s time they move on. Capello made it clear that these older guys aren’t the answer. England hasn’t done anything spectacular with them anyway, so it’s time for them to find a new answer.

Many England supporters were surprised to see Capello coming out with this news before speaking to Beckham regarding his future. Capello said he had not talked to David yet.

Beckham’s agent came back with a response to Capello’s statements that basically said after David’s farewell game, it’s over. His agent made it clear that David is not ready to retire and is very serious about playing international matches if he’s fit.

Although Capello’s assuming Beckham is ready to retire (at least from international ball), Beckham clearly wants another opportunity. I’ve seen Beckham bounce back before (Real Madrid) and prove the coaches wrong. Although I do believe England needs to find new talent, I’m a Beckham fan and would love to see him make the 2012 squad!

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