What is a Web Hosting Company?

What is a Web Hosting Company? A web hosting company is a business that specialises in hosting websites. This means that they have premises that contain a large number of computers known as servers. These servers are used as storage for the files that contain the pages of websites, and are accessible via the internet.

When you first decide to create a website of your own you, of course decide what your website is going to be about and what it is going to be called. At this time you also need to choose a web hosting company, you need to decide where your website is going to be hosted from.

You might think that you will just store your website files on your own computer but although that is technically possible you have to think about how others will then access your website if it’s on your pc in your office. This is why there are web hosting companies whose vast numbers of servers are specifically configured to store websites and to deliver them to internet users.

Web Hosting Companies can on the surface appear to all do the same thing, but in reality there are differences and there are particular features that you need to be aware of. Most of them use either Windows or Linux Operating Systems. For most of us it really doesn’t matter which of these it is but as Linux hosting tends to cost less than Windows hosting, this is the one that most of us choose.

Web Hosting Companies charge a fee for their services. You sign up for a given period of time which can be from months to years. You can pay in one payment or regular monthly payments. Price is therefore a factor to bear in mind when you are choosing a web hosting company.

You should also look for a web hosting company that gives you a free domain name with the hosting package otherwise you will have to pay for your website domain name separately. Disk Space is also important. This is the amount of space that you are allowed to use on their server. Initially this might not be a concern but as your website grows you may regret signing up for a package with a limit on the space you can use.

The same goes for bandwith. This refers to how busy your website can be. If you only expect a handful of visitors then it doesn’t really matter but most website owners are looking for as many visitors as possible so, just to be on the safe side, always choose a web hosting company that provides unlimited bandwidth.

If you think that you might want to have more websites in the future then look out for hosting companies that allow unlimited add-on domains. This means that you can add more domain names and therefore more websites all within the same main hosting account, at a later date.

If your website is going to use WordPress, Joomla or Drupal systems then you need to choose one that can automatically install and set these up for you. Look for phrases like one click install or fantastico in the features section as this means that they have this feature which can save you a huge amount of time and trouble.

The web hosting company that I have used for many years offers all of these features. Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited add-on domains, free domain names and easy install software, including WordPress. They also happen to charge less than many others as well. If you want to see my reccommended web hosting company I have placed a link to them below.

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