Website SEO Austin: Destination Google Number One Result

Brought to you by the Austin SEO Shop, this is the second article in the Website SEO Austin series — which gives practical tips and techniques on search engine optimization and search engine marketing. These tips are really designed so that any person or business can use to help their site get to the top of the search engines. Web SEO for your Austin website will take a little work, and won’t happen overnight unless your site is in a niche with no competitors — which is probably not the case. But it can be done with a little dedication to understanding the principles of website seo and how they relate to your Austin website.

First, what is SEO optimization when it comes to Austin web seo for your site? It is really a set of tools you can use to work with the search engine to give them what they want — which is good, solid information on the search term their customers are using. So, if your business is about, let’s say, “Austin plumbing” or an “Tex Mex restaurant”, it should provide lots of good words and articles about these subjects as they relate to Austin, Texas. Why? Because that is what Google is trying to give the searcher — good results for those search terms. When you provide that information, you are doing Google and its search customers a favor by bringing them the good information they requested. And of course, you are doing yourself a favor because those searches will visit your site because you are high on the list of results and have the information they are looking for. Everybody makes out great in the deal.

In addition to great on-site content, it is very important for your Austin website seo effort to have lots of good backlinks to your site from other sites, ideally with the key search term embedded in the link. This is a primary way Google judges which sites to bring up first for a given search query.

There are millions of ideas on the best way to achieve traffic-generating backlinks. And for your typical search engine optimization client we see in Austin, the Austin SEO Shop usually recommends article marketing as a way of getting these coveted backlinks. Essentially, you’ll take versions of the articles you create for your own site and allow other related sites to use them — with links back to your site. There are many services out there to facilitate article marketing.

There are many other technical ideas, tips and advice with respect to Austin website SEO and search engine marketing optimization. This article series will explore many of these other concepts in upcoming articles.

Next up in the Website SEO Austin article series — So you have the SEO down. Are your customers buying?

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