Website Design Goals are best defined before building a website.

When looking at Website Design, as with most things in life, it is well worth while to consider what the end website design goals are projected to be. This is something that the majority of people do not put enough time into for it tends to evolve and the larger aspects of e-commerce design are not taken into account primarily due to these factors it being little understood.

Websites have developed from the original concept of blogging where people have used a site such as WordPress to write and post articles and comments on subjects they are interested in.

This resulted in attracting the attention of others web surfers who have an interest in the same subject also. The blog then grows a grouping of followers or subscribers who help to build the blog by passing comments and links to other relevant websites.

Because of this growth into a large population there has emerged the possibility for advertisers to spot their advertisements on that blog that are relevant to the subject matter and therefore the readers will look to the advertiser to provide a solution to the visitors.

The owner of the blog then gets paid a small amount of money for each time a viewer clicks on the advertisement. The merchant has attracted a customer who is pre-qualified and interested that they can sell to if they market correctly and provide a solution to the visitors’ problem.

This is a situation where both sides prosper, as the blog owner gets recognized for their interesting writing, the surfer also finds relevant products they may be are focused on and the advertiser gets pre-qualified customers who are interested in their products.

This is not a website design plan that most bloggers initially start out with and it is a personal choice that some of us do not desirably want to adulterate our content with annoying advertising. This is a practice that a lot of bloggers will follow as they are not interested in confusing their content that they write on their blog

Then there is the case of the groom who was getting married and put up a blog of the preparations with all the trials and tribulations that evolved. He ended up with a large following and had no idea that he could gain financially from the dialogue until after he was married. Luckily he kept posting with a small portion of advertising and ended up with enough funds to pay for the marriage.

Had he been learning website design beforehand, during the time that he was planning his wedding he could indeed be a very rich man with a very happy wife by now!

If you do want to learn more about website structure and how they can be planned out then seek an experienced website design team who can give you good help and a great plan.

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