Web Hosting HostGator & BlueHost Comparison of Service Features

There are many web hosting companies operating all around the globe; more or less all these companies are providing similar types of features on their services. But the matter of the fact is that still few companies show better performance from other ones. In the pursuit to identify such differences that make one company superior to other one; we are going to analyze the services of HostGator and BlueHost web hosting companies in terms of their commercial and technical aspects.

Technical Aspects of Offered Services
Both HostGator and BlueHost web hosting companies use the latest, more secure and easy to use c-panel as their control panel for services management. C-panel gives great options and easy management interface to the customers. These both companies offer great software tools like free site builder, thousands of website templates, and other web site building tools. There are many scripts free of cost to run on just one click.

They offer secure SSH connections for secure communication. Blue host offers the services of its log manager that gives you the statistics of the internet traffic of your company. The same feature is also provided by the HostGator Company for their customers.

HostGator Company offers unlimited data base with MyPhpAdmin access free of cost and many great programming languages for development of the services and features like CGI, PHP 5, Ruby on Rail, Perl and other. The programming modules integrated with HostGator services are Cpan, Curl, GD library, and image magic. BlueHost offers all of the same programming languages and programming modules that are being offered by HostGator. They include Perl, PHP 5, and Ruby on Rail, CGI, and MySQL etc.

The customer support of BlueHost web hosting company is available on round the clock on the basis of 24x7x365. Customer support representative can be access through toll free phone numbers, emails, instant messaging, short messaging services, and trouble ticketing systems. All these services are also available for HostGator Company too. They offer good customer services round the clock.

BlueHost offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, and email forwarding. Meanwhile, all these services are also available in the same capacity with HostGator too.

Commercial Aspects of Offered Services
Commercially, the services of both companies are bit different. These differences are clear in their respective pricing plans. The minimum pricing plan of BlueHost starts from as low as $ 4.95 per month while the minimum price package of HostGator starts from as low as $ 3.96 per month. There is a big difference in other packages of the prices of both companies. The discounts and bulk buying plans are also different from each other.

Both companies offer good amount of Google ads for enhancement of traffic to the sites of their web hosting customers. They both offer a credit of amount equal $ 100 for Google ads. They offer Prestashop shopping carts for purchasing of different types of services.

Web Hosting HostGator & BlueHost Service Features, We come to conclusion that there are many common or similar features of the technical services but commercially the services of these two companies are very different from each other.

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