Urate Crystal – The Gem That Gout Patients Hate, Very Much!

Gout is a sort of auto immune disease in which the body is trying to defend itself from an apparent foreign substance that isn’t supposed to be part of the body. This substance isn’t a pathogen or bacteria. It is not a living micro organism.

It’s a stone! It’s a sort of micro crystal that formed in your body. It is commonly seen in the needle like shape. These tiny mineral crystals can form in your blood, in the interstitial liquids between cells, and quite often, it forms within the synovial fluid of your joints.

In certain circumstances, it can appear thru crystallization or disappear by melting itself back in the ions form in the liquid that contains it. When the concentration of uric acidic quantity in your blood is near to the saturation point, these crystals will form like the flower blossoming during spring time. But when the uric acidity level drops, these crystals will slowly dissolve and become uric acid again.

Urate crystal or uric acid crystal is among the common names for this bio-chemically form gem. Among the scientists and analysts, it is often known as monosodium urate or MSU crystals. It is the formation of MSU crystals in the body tissues that causes the acute or lingering inflaming reaction which is generally known as gout.

If the uric acidity level of a gout patient is always on the high side, this provides a perfect condition for the formation of urate crystals and leaves no room for the opposite reaction which is the dissolving of crystals to take place. The result is more and more urate crystals will form in the victim body which will bring more frequent visits of the awful gout attack.

It takes years for those crystal deposits to reach a point that brings acute gout attack. Thus, it’s not simple to remove them by dissolving them. Not one of the available gout drugs is created with the intention of urate crystals removal. These drugs can only temporary suppress the symptoms cause by the gout attack and not handling the root of the difficulty.

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