Tips For Making NFL Predictions

Americans love their sports and the love their football in particular. The television viewership numbers for other professional sports like hockey, baseball or basketball are not even close to that of pro football. This should not surprise anyone. People think it is not only a fun sport to watch on TV as well as in person, but many also enjoy wagering on it. Unfortunately for some, they enter into a wager without first preparing. When they do this, they often lose. Here we will discuss a few tips for making NFL predictions.

Of course, there is no guaranteed way to be right all the time. It simply is not possible. If it were, casino bookmakers would not stay in business. But there are a few steps you could take to help improve your odds a bit.

One mistake that many folks make is to over bet. They spend too much money on exotic or propositions bets. It is wiser to just deal with one game at a time. Maybe just focus on picking the winner of the game or the under/over. Steer away from things like “who will win the coin toss.” This is a crazy bet and believe it or not, a lot of people bet this, particularly for the Super Bowl.

Another mistake is not being impartial. Way too often bettors wager on their favorite teams. Of course we want our teams to win, but that does not mean they will. When it comes to wagering, our favorites need to be treated the same as any other team. Additionally, people often bet against their faves on purpose. The thought process is that even if they lose the bet, at lest their team gets the win. That logic is flawed; don’t fall for it.

A good thing to do is stay atop the injury reports. The NFL releases the lists of injuries for each team every week. Keep an eye out for it. If you place your bet too early in the week, you may learn later that the star running back for your team got injured in a practice drill. Then you are out of luck. Wait until the last possible moment before putting your money on the line.

There is something to be said for streaks, both winning and losing. Teams that have won three or four in a row tend to go into their next game on an emotional high and brimming with confidence. Conversely, teams in the throes of a losing patch can take the field under a cloud of uncertainty.

The main thing is to get as much info as you can. And you need to this without emotions swaying your decisions.

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