The Reality Behind Cost Per Action Marketing

Cost per action marketing, also called CPA, has been around for many years. This program is very similar to any other type of marketing in that it is all about referrals. This is not unlike Affiliate marketing at all, as it is all about the results that one gets. However, this similarity that I am referring to ends here.

The biggest difference between CPA and regular affiliate marketing is that the prospective referral does not need to buy anything for a result in the way of commission. The action is all that is sought with CPA marketing. The goal at hand is just to get the referral to do something that is free.

Upon clicking or signing up, the referral typically gets something free, like a link to another site, a free report or a recipe. This is the way that the offline companies get leads and referrals.

Someone that has their thinking in the classic affiliate marketing box, will wonder what the catch is. “After all how can they give me commissions for something that is free?” You must know that this type of marketing was designed by huge companies and is always profitable for them, no matter how this seems to look. Believe me, there is profit potential built in to this type of marketing.

The important thing to look at here is that this marketing is very well thought out by the marketing geniuses of the huge companies. In addition to that, one must realize that marketing is much different on the internet than in the world itself. There are very few of the Affiliates that do well in the internet marketing game that come equipped with a real education in marketing.

The people who market online are looking at things much differently than a standard marketer does. These marketers have things figured to a tee. They know the conversion rate of a certain ad that is linked to a specific site. They know which ads convert to one site and not on another.

The truth to this being, not many people make any real money in CPA. The actual results are that as many as 90% of people who try this will fail.

It takes a person with a very strong portfolio of success in CPA to make any money at this. They know exactly how to get the traffic and how to build websites in a manor to perpetuate the clicks.

The bright light at the end of the tunnel is that there are now new CPA networks that are growing and will give the other marketing public a chance to make some money at this.

Cost per action marketing, also called cpa publishers advertisers marketing and cpa networks – marketing, has been popular for many years. This program is very similar to any other type of marketing in that it’s mainly about referrals.