The Importance Of B2B Marketplaces For Doing Business

Internet has become one of the most powerful tools used for doing business on a daily basis. With globalization, barriers have been removed therefore facilitating trade between countries.

B2B Explained

B2B is the short term used for Business to Business. This applies to any communication or transaction done between companies. Please note that this applies to both products and services

B2B Marketplace Explained

This is a website that targets business owners and decision makers. It allows companies to promote their product, service and buying offers. This is done by posting trade leads.

What are the features of a B2B marketplace?

1. Search engine

This is the most important feature of a marketplace. It allows its users to search for potential buyers and sellers. The more transactions that happen on the website, the more successful the trade portals is. Most of the time, the marketplace only acts as the connection between the two parties. It will not get involved in the finalization of the transaction or any payments.

2. Virtual Showroom

This is a very useful premium service. Prices can vary greatly depending on the marketplace. Virtual showroom allows your company to have your own space on the portal that allows your company to showcase your products and services. By buying these premium services, clients will take you more seriously as you have taken the time to properly promote your company.

This feature is very useful for small companies who may not have enough money to create a professional corporate website. By buying this premium service, they can set up their showroom in minutes and start promoting their offer online.

This is also used by companies wanting to bring more traffic to their existing site in order to increase their ranking.

3. Credit Reports

Fraud has also increased with the growth of trade between countries. Thankfully, credit reports allow companies to proactively research the financial and legal past of a company they are about to enter into a binding contract with.

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