The Changing Face Of Web Design

Not all that long ago, when the internet was in its infancy, a user was usually greeted by very bland and boring pages that simply looked like basic word processing documents. Most of the time, the web pages had simple black text and occasionally were spruced up with a headline in a different font or color. However, as the internet quickly evolved, so did the standards of web design, which have become ever more important to having a successful online presence.

About ten years ago, by the late 1990s, websites had largely evolved to the point of providing people with more compelling design. They made more effective use of fonts, text effects, colors and graphics. Still, the type of website layout that was most common was still quite simple, and for the most part a new website looked very much like a corporate brochure .

Over the course of the last ten years, the importance, the scope and the reach of the internet, in terms of commerce and interpersonal connectivity, have simply exploded. As the internet has grown, and become more important to both businesses and individuals, the importance of good design has also escalated. Website development and design has become to be more sophisticated as webmasters push to find new ways to attract site visitors and keep them on their sites for as long as possible.

As time has gone by, Internet users have become more sophisticated, and also very impatient. This means that Webmasters have got to cope with a different challenge. Nowadays, Internet users will expect a web page to open very quickly and give them the information that they were looking for straight away. This means that a site can no longer contain graphics that take a long time to load. These only act as an annoyance to the user, who is always in a hurry.

More often than not, they will never see the amazing graphics that a webmaster might have paid big money for, or slaved for hours and hours to create. Instead, when a website seems to pause for more than a few seconds to open a page, most surfers will already have moved on to another site. Hopefully to one that features a more user friendly, faster-loading interface.

The best examples of good design for today’s internet climate are those that have simple layouts, and are centered on the web content that surfers are hungry for. In website development nowadays, the great web designers are those who are careful to include layouts that best direct a visitor’s eye and attention to the web content. This allows the design simply to be an attractive frame.

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