Taking Your Company Public – S1 Filings – James Scott – Reverse Mergers

Lets face it, if you are a small or medium size business owner, the government looks at you and sees dollar signs and instead of words coming from your mouth they just hear ‘cha ching’! Don’t be naive you mean about as much to your local congressman as a slab of road kill to maggots.

They’ll feed off you as long as you’re willing to wear a blindfold and hand out pounds of flesh with yor IRS tax check and make sure you vote on time but don’t have an opinion and if you do have an opinion, keep it to yourself. Today’s politician has about as much integrity as a prison gang leader and zero patience or tolerance to actually digest the needs verbalized by their constituents and if you are a business owner just place your vote and shut up because no one is listening anyway.

Besides, you’re just a robot with your programming card hooked up to talk radio and the news and you’ll believe what the system tells you to. They say that the bailout money is to jump-start the economy and you believed it but now your company is going under, you can’t make payroll and your local senator and congressional rep are MIA.

Wake up, turn your head and cough, now cut your check and shut your mouth. Go back to your dirty little office at your 2005 archaic PC and get to work, Uncle Sam is watching you and you better perform because your tax liabilities are growing, your line of credit is maxed and there is no help in site.

What should you do when you have no one to turn to? Turn and look in the mirror and the solution is that half shaved bloodshot eyed pawn staring back at you. Now pull your shoulders back, pick up that chin and begin to move strategically. For every action there is a reaction and your industry is constantly moving as the government has placed you on a treadmill for the ultimate distraction so that you keep your head down and work without asking questions. But now look up and put a strategy together that will spearhead your growth and stability.

You should look at your fund raising options in a ‘private raise’ sense with an exit strategy that will keep capital flooding your bank account. Investigate the possibility of raising some capital with a Private Placement Memorandum (regulation d) and provide an exit strategy that will have investors flooding your crummy little office, go public on the OTCBB and offer investors the ability to trade without restriction. Now you’re obtaining real power. Next, look at your internal corporate strategy.

Remember, the less organized you are, the more control outside sources have over you because you can’t argue your case in a manner that is conducive to strength. Make sure that your financials are audited once per year, make sure that your company executives are actively seeking strategic alliances on behalf of your company and hold them to a quota. Diversify your product and service offering. Use publicity to advertise instead of traditional ads. Joint venture your promotional campaigns for maximum affect and minimal cash outlay. In these strange economic times you should be streamline, lean and mean. You should evaluate your employees twice per month as on a daily basis they need to earn the right to work for you. Put together a board of directors and qualify them by evaluating their contact base and track record, compensate them in restricted shares and offer some type of annual options. You should also have an advisory board that gets a modest share distribution but primarily uses their advisory board position to gain experience and to build their resume. Set goals for all the members and put it in a Board or advisor contract. Look at the possibility and realistic success of going public and if you go public, choose a solid pre NASDAQ structure such as the OTCBB. In going public your main job at that point is growing and stabilizing your share price with powerful investor relations, PR and growth through acquisitions. You’re on your own, don’t wait on help that will never come. Find a consultant that believes in your concept and can help you build on the foundation you have. Globalize your expansion efforts as opposed to limiting yourself to a minute geographic proximity. Take control of your fate now!

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