A Review of Worldwide Brands – Wholesale Source Directory

Worldwide Brands is a directory of wholesale suppliers, including drop shippers, light bulk wholesalers, large volume wholesalers and liquidators. Over 8,000 pre-screened dropshippers and wholesale suppliers give you access to millions of brand name products. As well as providing a massive directory of wholesale suppliers, the supporting education and market research tools that come with you membership are excellent.

Why use Worldwide Brands?

So what are the advantage of using a product sourcing solution like Worldwide Brands?. If you are thinking of selling products online one of your major challenges is to find legitimate wholesale suppliers that you are comfortable doing business with.

Contacting suppliers on your own, establishing relationships and doing your own due diligence on each supplier is a very time consuming process. Many suppliers you contact will not be prepared to drop ship products on your behalf, and will insist on large minimum order quantities before doing business.

Worldwide Brands have done the hard work of finding legitimate pre-screened wholesale suppliers who are happy to work with small business owners. This allows you to focus your energies on growing a sustainable and profitable business.

With Worldwide Brands, you deal directly with the wholesale suppliers. In other words there is no middleman service, which enables you to purchase goods at the most competitive prices and earn the highest profits.

Market Research Tools

The Market Research Tools are an impressive part of the Worldwide Brands membership. Market research really is the key to product sourcing success.

If you search for a product in the WorldwideBrands database, you instantly receive additional information on how well that product is selling online. You will also discover the number of internet searches for that product and even which variations of the product are selling well online.

This information alone is well worth the Worldwide Brands membership fee, and all of this market research information can be saved and retrieved at any time.


Education is also a key component to establishing and maintaining a successful online business, and Worldwide Brands has an excellent education package called ‘The Whole sale”.

This knowledge pool currently contains 19 different video courses. Each course is accompanied by online workbooks that expand on each course, interactive self-testing modules that show you what you’ve learned, and real world exercises to re-enforce and expand your knowledge.

There are also a wide range of eBooks and articles which can be accessed as part of your membership.


Worldwide Brands has been in business for the past 7 years and is probably the best known and most successful wholesale supplier directory. They are an eBay Certified Solutions Provider and also a member of eBay’s certified developers program.

Worldwide Brands is also one of the few companies in this niche to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Worldwide Brands is without doubt a very credible and reputable product sourcing solution.


The WorldwideBrands membership is more expensive than many of its competitors. There is a lifetime membership fee of $299 for a one off lump sum payment. There is also an option of spreading your payments over a four month period.

The membership fee gives you access to one of the largest directories of legitimate pre-screened wholesale suppliers, a very impressive educational package and the unique market research tools.

If you are looking to start an eBiz or would like to grow your existing business, Worldwide Brands is worth evaluating. Highly recommended.

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