The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

In my continual quest to make search engine optimization and number one rankings available to everyone doing business online, Im often asked how to take advantage of search engine optimization when just starting out.

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is the practice of understanding the intricacies of how search engines work and their impact on rankings. When thinking about SEO, it’s important to focus your efforts on those techniques that have been proven to impact search engine rankings. When applied correctly, these techniques have a positive impact on results.

So what exactly is search engine optimization and why does it matter. Search engine optimization, or SEO refers to both the art and science of search engine rankings. What you are doing, or not doing online, has a direct impact on where your website or blog shows up when users type a search term on Yahoo! or other major search engines. What influences those rankings is referred to as SEO and influences your results.

Search engines work based on algorithms. When a user goes to MSN and types in a keyword phrase, that search engine returns a variety of results related to the keyword term. How does it do that? Hard to say since all search engines work differently. The key is that results are somehow related to your search term.

How does the search engine determine what listings are relevant? Ah, the magic of search engine optimization. Although each search engine has their own unique methodology for determining which sites are truly relevant to the search term entered, online marketing experts have found common principles that apply, explaining search engine results listings.

Give the precise formula for number one rankings is next to impossible. However, common SEO techniques known to have a positive impact on search engine rankings is pretty well documented. Just do a Google search for search engine optimization and you’ll find millions of hits professing to be SEO experts. The reality is that search engine optimization is complex and takes time. But it all begins with SEO best practices.

The internet is full of informational products and services related to SEO. The reason why this has created an industry unto itself is because search engines are continually updating their algorithms. As a result, websites need to be continually updated, changed, and new strategies developed. Some principles stay the same however such as good quality content and the importance of keywords.

Regardless of where you are in relation to your knowledge of SEO, know that common SEO methods exist. Do you research and learn the best methods for improving your search engine ranking. Apply the most basic techniques and watch your ranking improve. The key is to remain consistent and apply these techniques over and over again. Good rankings are built over time.

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Hire A Local Web Designer

If you have a business and you want to promote it online, you can always get a web designer. Many business owners wonder what kind of professional to get. You can get a local web professional or you can get a freelancer from other parts of the world. There are advantages for both types of these people.

Today, you can get a web professional and they can do the work from anywhere. They don’t have to be in your office. Actually, they can be anywhere in the world. The most important thing is that you communicate. That’s how you’ll get the work done.

A negative thing about getting a non-local web designer is speed and quality of the work. You won’t be able to check their work that fast. You will have to wait and see. If you do not like something about their work, you will have to tell them later. You won’t have so much control over their work as you would have if they were working in your office.

Having a web professional working in your office is much better. Why? Because you get to work with someone in person. If you tell them to do your web site in a certain way and you don’t like it, you can tell them to change it immediately. You do not have to wait until the work is done. You can easily monitor what they do and whether it is satisfying.

You will be able to look at their portfolio directly and get a nice idea from them. Since it is their portfolio, they won’t have a hard time realizing that idea. They can also see if the way you want to advertise is actually going to bring you any success. When you have a web professional working for you in your office, you can do the work faster and more efficiently.

Now that you now how to actually hire a designer, it is time to get your very own Chicago web designer. To ensure you have a great Chicago web design , you should get the best people on board. Make sure you have everything you need for the ready before you start calling people.

Website Design: A How-To Guide

Since the establishment of the internet, many people have started using it to promote and/or sell their services and products. Designing a website takes a certain type of skills and knowledge. You will find that many companies prefer to hire professional website designers to design their websites for them. In fact there are companies that do nothing but design and build website for others, so the job market for this area of expertise is wide open.

The idea is for the search engines to choose your website to display when someone types in certain key words. The website must be attractive to look at, easy to read and easy to maneuver around in. It must include links to related information or web pages. The website should also be accessible to everyone looking for related information. You will learn all of these skills when you finish your web design courses online.

A good website not only needs to have the right keywords to land on a search page, but must include a thoughtful user interface, easy primary navigation, good visual design, contact information, cross browser ability, valid XHTML and CSS functions, and repeat navigation in the footer, along with many other elements. You will need the skill and knowledge of these elements before you search for a job as a website designer.

Your online web design courses will cover many different elements and functions that help make your website readable to anyone who views this. For the text application to look and feel right, you have to choose the correct typography and fonts. Plain letters without wings and extension work best. Serif fonts like Times New Roman can blend together, but sans-serif fonts like Verdana are clear and easy to read.

Some basic art classes should have been included in your studies for web design. In them you would have learned the basics of the color chart. Many different colors can be accomplished through combinations of the main colors. A good solid knowledge of color coordination and texture choices is necessary to build an attractive, interesting and attention grabbing webpage or website.

The typography, imagery, color scheme and content are all part of the layout design. The page layout may be similar to that of printed items, but is easier to use because of the software that are available. Many are just a point and click from being added to the page. Ask yourself before you finish, is the first page organized and easy to view? Can you get to other pages easily through links or feeds? Would you come back to a page like this if you were viewing on another site?

As you are working on the page layout, you will have to decide where each part of the content goes. Ahead of time, you should be picking photos, images, colors and texture that relates or goes with the subject of the web page. Then it is time to pick out the text content. You will want to arrange it with the imagery, so that any viewer can completely understand the content by viewing the imagery with the text. Simple layout of the content is best. It make it easier to view and understand.

The web design courses that you take at a web design school should cover all of the basics of designing and creating good websites and pages. You will learn all the basics from start to finish.

Things To Contemplate When Creating An Online Business

Many of the Internet-related devices we have now have made things easier. Now you can find something just by surfing the web, buy it right then and have it sent from any part of the globe to you. This is exactly the reason many folks are starting online companies.

When you want to set up an online business, where do you start? Here are a few useful tips for aspiring entrepreneurs on how to set up your own online business.

Every business, whether online or not, needs visibility. If you want to be visible from day one and you sell different types of items, set up an account in various online marketplaces such as eBay. This way, consumers will be able to see your products the moment you upload them.

Set up your own web domain and ask help from professional web developers so you could achieve a professional layout. Once you’re done, ask help from friends in spreading the word.

If you really want to get people to your website faster, there are freelancers specializing in internet marketing. These people are trained to provide you solutions to your concerns about promoting your website.

Social networking sites like MySpace are always a useful and cheap place to put press releases and the like. You can even make or join a group that has interests closely related to your product.

Start up with promos and discounts such as refer-a-friend discounts or bulk order discounts. This way, the consumers will find more value in purchasing from your store because of the extras they could get.

These are just some of the ways on how to start your online business. As soon as you are up and running, you will surely gain enough experience to manage your brainchild.

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Increase Your Search Rank Through Blogging

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean that surfers will find it; you first need to attract the attention of search engines. To do this, you need to be considered an expert on your topic, as only “valuable” websites containing relevant content will appear with a great ranking in the search engines. Blogging or article writing is a great way to achieve a high perceived value to those pesky search engines and is the fastest way to achieve great ranking in search for your chosen keywords. But how do you do this?

If you want your website to be popular, you need to “feed” the search engines with relevant, timely, fresh content. A blog is nothing special, it’s just a bunch of words. CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS, are all blogs, as they are websites that add content regularly. These new sites are the most popular news blogs because the give updates by the hour. They simply add more new and relevant content than any other websites related to news. As a result, the search engines find them to be more newsworthy than other smaller news sites who might only update once or twice a day.

The frequency with which you update your blog is a highly regarded factor to how you rank in the search engines. The more frequent your updates, the more important your blog is considered to the search engines. It’s a guarantee that a blog that updates daily will rank higher than a blog that updates weekly. Both blogs will rank higher in the search engines than a blog that only updates once a month. The more often you update your blog, the better your site will perform.

What subjects should you address in your writing? Concentrate on the topics that seek to explain or clarify or sell the existing main topic of your website. If you are selling trucks, write articles about trucks. The top search engines have developed “algorithms” to measure that your content is related to the topics already laid out on your home page. Writing irrelevant content will not help you raise your rank, so stay “on-topic”.

When writing articles for your blog, be sure to maintain keyword and related keyword consistency. Reflect the true meaning of what you want to convey to your readers in your articles by having your website’s title and description optimized for SEO. If your title and description match the content of your blog articles, you will find that your website will increase in rank in the search engines as you continue to write. The search engines love regularly updated blogs, so to increase your websites popularity start blogging regularly today.

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Do Learner Drivers Pay For Driving Lessons Online?

So you are a driving instructor or own a driving school and have come to upgrade or create your website, and you think it might be a great idea to have a “buy it now button” so learner drivers can pay for lessons, while you are out on the road teaching.

Through reading the following you will discover what type of website suits your driving school business, and the key difference between a website with and without an on-line shop.

Initially there seems to be little difference between an e-commerce website and a website without a shop, and from a technical point of view, adding a shop is very easy to do.

However an E-commerce site is extremely different to an informative website.

When a website asks for a direct sale by using an online shop it seeks an immediate transaction. However a website that asks for further communication like a phone call is known a lead generation website.

The two should not be mixed…

It is ideal to consider the needs of your customer when deciding upon a lead generation or direct sale website. You may have purchased a CD or DVD from an online retail store like Amazon, you already knew what the product is, so there is low risk to buying it – you know what you are going to get.

Amazon will describe the CD with track listings and often allow you to play each record.

And most direct sales websites highlight the solutions the product gives “Drys your hair quickly”;

including the product features “Draining all the fat”, with the benefits the buyer receives “So you don’t get fat”

A summary of a direct sale website is an opportunity for the customer to read about a problem they share, to read the questions they have of the product and then to see all of the answers before being asked to buy.

Once the customer has come to a choice of buying the product, and this may well have been done prior to going to the website, the customer may well look at other websites for a cheaper price.

Is this what you want for your driving school?

A lead generation website focussed upon receiving an enquiry operates differently.

A lead-gen site should also show empathy with recognising the customers need, in your instance the need is to gain a driving licence, and there are also other problems to consider such as the freedom a driving licence can give.

Writing about your prospects desires is the key to a lead generation website.

Write about the learner, what do they need, and why do they need it.

You can visit any driving school website, and no doubt it will discuss the driving school.

“I am an indepenent driving instructor and have been teaching for 5 years.”

Change this to… “Take driving lessons with me, and I’ll show you how to drive, so you can pass your driving test as quickly as you need”

In your opinion, what would you say is more inspiring?

There is no secret, the second phrase is purely about the learner driver.

If you write about a specific such as a nervous driver, or perhaps mention other driving services, it can alienate the core reason people visit your website – to pass their driving test. Passing the driving test is a generalisation but will be essential to 99% of your readers.

But you can rest fairly assured 90% of pupils will want to speak to you first.

When there is uncertainty, gut feeling is important.

A pupil will ideally wants to find a driving instructor who is nice and friendly. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a car for an hour at a time with someone I do not like, this is why you encourage a phone call.

Ok, so the pupil likes what they see on your website, but decides to look at competitor, and with it go your chances of winning a new learner driver.

What is the reason for the pupil taking a look at another website?

There could be a few reasons.

1) You have not asked the pupil to phone you – doing so will increase the number of enquiries you receive.

2) Did you include prices on your website? By doing so, you give away the answer to a major question the pupil may want to ask – it would have been better if the pupil phoned to find out.

If your website is written about the needs of the pupil and how the learner will benefit from your driving school, omit the prices and ask for a phone call.

Overall, you may get the odd current pupil using your online payment system to make an easy payment, but it will be rarer to get new pupils. It is only natural the pupil will want to make contact with you before booking.

Using an e-commerce system you need to share the problem, write down all possible questions and answer every single one.

But then the learner driver had enough information to go elsewhere and compare.

If you can make the learner driver feel wanted and understood, but also with a few questions that need answering, this is your perfect outcome.

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Improve Your Web Ranking With These Simple Concepts

It is important to have a quality website with respectable content; it will not be beneficial to have a massive amount of advertising on a low quality site.

If you get too far ahead of yourself and skip that old but relevant piece of information; your site wont get ahead to the point where website ranking is relevant.

Due to lack of quality of content, most online business websites fail to get roaring. Quality over quantity is the big key factor. Put more technically, the profit making aspect of their sites far outweigh the aspects that give the site quality.

Make it a rule, if you open a web site you want it to be a pleasurable and beneficial experience. Wouldn’t you? I would. No one would want to be stuck in the middle of a billion ads without anything else to do. It’s overwhelming!. If someone has a bad experience on your website they probably will exit the site never to return. I don’t blame them either.

If the site you’re pinning your hopes on gives more emphasis on making money out of the visitors first before giving them something in return, forget about how to improve website ranking, you won’t get anywhere in the first place.

Improving your website ranking requires you to build the same kind of trust with your customers, as you do in any business venture.

How fast and how much people hear about your site on the internet depends a lot on regular traffic. Of course, you can get top listing in searches with search engine optimization, but you won’t keep it unless you have a high quality website.

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How to Blog and Make Money Online at the Same Time

Blogging is the easiest way to make money online. You can write your blog about anything you like but most people write about themselves, their family or their hobby or interests. A blog is in the form of a diary, you just add new entries each day building up a website that has regular readers as well as visitors who discover individual entries through search engines.

A blog is a great way to make money online for a number of reasons

A Blog is Easy to Create

A blog is easy to create, it’s just a case of following the steps to set it up then once its up and running you can add new content to it as easy as writing an email. The two most popular blogging systems are WordPress and Blooger and both will host you blog for free if required.

It is however recommended that you host your blog somewhere else as this allows you more flexibility and creates a much more professional image than just a free blog.

Search Engines Love Blogs

Search engines love blogs because new content is always being added and they will keep on coming back for more. You can get your information live on the Internet much quicker by using a blog. Traditional websites can take weeks for content to be indexed and to appear in the search results but my record with a blog is 9 minutes from writing to it being listed and found by searching. This makes blogs incredibly powerful.

Your Blog can look very Professional

A WordPress blog has access to hundreds of free designs which you apply to your blog with the click of your mouse. The entire look and feel of your site is then changed leaving all the content as it was. There are also software add ons, called plugins, that allow you to add a huge range of additional features and functions to your blog, all free.

You can make Money from your Blog

You can create a blog about absolutely anything. It could be about your life, your hobby in fact absolutely whatever you like. You can then integrate Google ads into each page. It is all very easy to do. You apply for an account and activate an ad plugin on your site. You simply put your account number in a box and click a button. Then every page of your blog will have small ads on them. These ads will be relevant to the content on your page. Your visitors will click on ads and you will earn money each time they do.

You could then promote Amazon products on your website. Simply become an Amazon affiliate and promote products relevant to your page, to your visitors.

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Getting Your Own Web Space

Web hosting allows you to have your own web space on the internet. Once you have set-up your own space on the internet, you can share with the world whatever you want to.You can publish your files and data, which can include images, audio, video and many other types of content.As the market has grown, web space prices have come down and services have improved. In fact, you can actually set-up your own web space for free!Free services are better for the beginner. Continue reading Getting Your Own Web Space