Is There A Need To Choose A Virtual Private Server When You Are Looking At Web Hosting Services

If you are looking for dependable web hosting you may want to consider a VPS (virtual private server). This can also be known as a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). This type of web hosting service is somewhere in between a dedicated server and a shared server and is becoming a very popular type of web hosting service. Continue reading Is There A Need To Choose A Virtual Private Server When You Are Looking At Web Hosting Services

Getting Your Own Web Space

Web hosting allows you to have your own web space on the internet. Once you have set-up your own space on the internet, you can share with the world whatever you want to.You can publish your files and data, which can include images, audio, video and many other types of content.As the market has grown, web space prices have come down and services have improved. In fact, you can actually set-up your own web space for free!Free services are better for the beginner. Continue reading Getting Your Own Web Space

What Features Should You Expect From Your Web Hosting Package

Web hosting is a term you will hear continuously when you start researching internet marketing. You cannot create a web host and expect it to just appear on the internet without using the services of a web host. So no matter what type of website you have set up, you are going to need to find a good web hosting provider. Continue reading What Features Should You Expect From Your Web Hosting Package

Common Web Hosting Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are a number of mistakes that you will want to prevent making if you want to make money from your website. The web hosting choices that you make will largely determine the success of your website.

– One of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to web hosting is not knowing exactly what they need. Continue reading Common Web Hosting Mistakes You Should Avoid

What You Should Know About Reseller Web Hosting

Because reseller web hosting can be a great way to earn some extra money it has grown in popularity recently. There are now many web site owners who use a web hosting service that is actually a reseller. And a high percentage of these website owners have no idea that their web hosting service is a reseller account. Continue reading What You Should Know About Reseller Web Hosting

Before You Change Your Web Host There Are A Few Things You Will Have To Do

You may find yourself in the position of just having to change your web host. Maybe the service they are offering is well below par or the web hosting service is just not good enough for your website needs. But before you make your mind up to change, there are a few things that you will have to think about first. Continue reading Before You Change Your Web Host There Are A Few Things You Will Have To Do

What Limitations Does Free Web Hosting Have

Costs might be an issue for you if you are new to the world of internet marketing. That is down to the fact that quite often it can take plenty of time before you start to see any profit from your websites. One are where costs could be cut is web hosting. Continue reading What Limitations Does Free Web Hosting Have

How Does A Web Hosting Server Actually Work?

Taking web hosting for granted is something that most of us do. They just go along with the fact that it works and then do not spend any more time thinking about it. They often feel that all they need to know is that the web host gets their website up on the web and that it is visible to others. Continue reading How Does A Web Hosting Server Actually Work?

Web Hosting And HTML

HTML is a type of code that is often used for creating your website. Your webpage is usually uploaded to the server as HTML code but these days you don’t have to understand any code to create web sites. Although it is not essential for you to know or understand HTML it can be quite helpful if you know a little bit about it. Continue reading Web Hosting And HTML

How Bad Web Hosting Can Ruin Your Online Business

If you choose a bad web hosting provider you could actually be ruining your online business’s chance of success. And it is a buyer’s market these days because of the amount of choice there is on the internet. If your web site looks amateurish then why should people waste time with it? Continue reading How Bad Web Hosting Can Ruin Your Online Business

Besides Standard, What Other Types Of Web Hosting Are Available

You may want to look for an alternative type of web hosting service if the one you have is not fulfilling your requirements. Free or shared web hosting can be great when you only have a small website but once visitors begin to flock to your site you will need something a lot more reliable. How your web hosting service meets the requirements of your website could determine the success or failure of your website. Continue reading Besides Standard, What Other Types Of Web Hosting Are Available

It Is Very Important To Ensure That Your Data Is Backed Up Correctly By Your Web Hosting Provider

If you want to avoid problems in the future you will have to make sure that your web hosting provider is taking care of backing up your data. The reality is that every web server will have problems now and again and the system will crash. If this happens and your data is not backed up your website could encounter big problems. Continue reading It Is Very Important To Ensure That Your Data Is Backed Up Correctly By Your Web Hosting Provider

Web Designers Use Joomla Hosting

Joomla is a content management system (CMS). It is hosting easily and quickly for web designers, which is free to obtain, download friendly from the internet, of course it is not the only one on the internet but it is widely used. Any bigger with no computer knowledge will be able to use this hosting; as it provides various applications. Their framework includes data reporting, inventory control, application bridges, product catalogue and many more.  The content for the management system can be installed easily and can be teach others. You can create personalized templates with CSS, HTML or PHP and the submission of the web pages process quickly. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone which enables you to build a web sites and powerful online applications.

Where can you see it on the screen?

It is in UN, social networking, news, magazines, cultural and even financial websites.

Web designers can used their website with images, videos together with their custom own designs and components. It really gives the great personalization. It gives the user a great room to explore and bring out their identity for their businesses. This is a huge advantage for any internet business.

Why Web Designers using Joomla? ; For the following reasons:

  • Affordable & Quick turnaround time.
  • Demo once in 3 days during development.
  • Commitment to the customers.

Why many people use it:

  • Online commerce
  • Small business websites
  • Non-profit and organizational websites
  • Corporate websites or portals
  • Government applications
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • Personal or family homepages
  • Community-based portals
  • School and community websites
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • The possibilities are endless!

To conclude; web designers using this content management system because it provides a competitive advantage, Open Source, Cost effective and scalable, Easy to use, established community on the Internet, Training and resources are easily available. Really, it is great for your website no matter what your website is intended for.

Should Start with Free Hosting or Cheap Web Hosting?

I was trying to make money from my website.  As a beginner, I host my page with free web provider.  The first problem I had was when the servers of this company went down and my page was not working for more than two days, you do not want such a problem in the beginning of your business, and what frustrated me was no one respond to tell me when it will be on again then after the server start working again I lost all my files and no one responds in these companies to you to fix the problem.

There is another issue, all search engines will not consider your website in their search lists, if it is hosted by a free hosting provider because the search engine will find out the new website from the root of the URL then will trace the links on the site to index them. In other words, your page address will be a sub-domain it is overlooked by the search engine. The search engines index the free hosting provider not your page, so you are working for the benefit of your host company, do you want that? I do not think so.

Further, if you have your site with a free host provider who does not have the own premium hosting service means, you will have trouble in transferring all your pages when you upgrade or have a new page domain name.

I believe, it worth paying some money monthly for a quality, good paid hosting solutions.  To run a successful e-commerce you need a reliable web site hosting like Vexxhost, who I really can depend on them with their fast and amazing cooperatively team who helps always in time.

written by: Jim Foda

Start My New Business with Cheap Webhosting

Before one year, when my boss was lay out from work, I used to have a thinking that the new boss does not like me and I am sure that I will not stay in my position for long. I was right; three months later I was fired. It was big short in my income.

My first reaction was to report to employment insurance, to get employment insurance benefits. Then, I built my own website to post my curriculum vitae and I used a free webhosting. While I was searching on the net how to submit my website; I found that I can do a sort of business that makes some more money for me. Therefore, I did another site and used free hosting; but the big surprise was that these hosting companies force me to post their advertisement on the top of my page, it is like instead of promote my issues, I was working for them. Then, my domain name was not only for me, but also includes their name beside main and the limitation in files was bothering me. Plus, these web providers were bugging me with their emails asking me to upgrade into paid hosting and I remember one time their hosting was dead for more than three days and no one responding. And at the end, they sell my email address.

At this point, I start thinking seriously to switch my online business into cheap web hosting. Before choosing a webhost company, I did my homework. Here, what I find may help choose cheap web hosting provider:

1-      They should have customer support: it is very useful to have 24/7 like emails, online chat, toll free phone service is preferable to have; when the system is down or slow or in case of technical difficulties.

2-      Bandwidth: like when you have blogs, forums or many hits on your site; you need unlimited bandwidth to avoid slow loading pages.

3-      Servers: try to find out how many users on each server by reviewing FAQ tab. Also; check the company credibility by searching the company reviews in the internet.

4-      Make sure the web hosting you choose provides a multiple domains to be used for blogs links and forums.

5-      If the host provider offers Cpanel with the package and templates as a beginner would be useful to have many different pre-set templates to design the website. Plus, should provide security if you sell items online.

Finally, I choose Vexxhost as a quality cheap web hosting and I am hosting all my websites where I can find the good services and affordable webhosting. I wish you find a good host provider instead of free web hosting that is fruitless.

Written By: Jim Fonda

Why We Think of Cheap Web Hosting As We Start Online Business

First: If you are talented in writing and want to begin your own online business, you need to start blogging as an entry-level to online business with reasonable affiliate programme linked on your site. Why affiliate programme? In order to be paid in case you sell something from your site. Thus, you will pay your hosting monthly expenses.

Second: you should start to think of the hosting provider company that will carry your blog. One of the most important issues are to be considered is that as you will begin your website is how you can find cheap, reliable webhosting to keep the site online. Try to find out a good package which includes reasonable unlimited bandwidth, space, customer service, long years of experience, free domain name and can be upgraded when you need.

Honestly I do not want to do commercial, but I am talking here Vexxhost.  As you are considering your requirements you need to know how much kinds of template design options of web sites they offer.

Some of the best hosting plans is to direct visitors to your site, which is great opportunity for you to promote your site for the business purposes.  It is very important to find out the right hosting company for you that has the right plan for you.  If you want to make sure that you are selecting a hosting company that provides you with cPanel to keep your website running.  Try to do your homework by shopping and comparing hosting plans among many companies to be sure your needs are being met.  As a beginner start with minimum cost until you stand up for yourself and be sure with the chosen company you can be upgraded when you need to be upgrade.

Written By: Jim Fonda

Web Hosting and Affiliate Programme

There are many hosting affiliate programs online and offline. You should remember to choose one with excellent customer support and 24/7 support and great revenue. With this you can have a steady source of income or additional source of income with perseverance and hard work; you can be successful in this sector.

Take good advantage of your affiliate program forums. Always give expertise in this field to forum members; in this way they will always want to keep coming for new guides and tips. This is an excellent way to get people referring quick and fast. Also, log on to the web host affiliate program you joined and the latest news of new promoting trends and way to get people to start hosting through you.

There is great opportunity for hosting affiliates because there are thousands of programmes to choose from without difficulty in finding the right one.

Web hosting; in general; involves placing your website online with hosting companies that help in putting your website online.

Let’s take a look at web hosting niche market. The demand for web hosting has become high over the past years, with many companies getting into it and finding out the business is very lucrative. With over 40 million people putting up their very first websites online this year alone and with an estimated increase that more people will put their online in the future.

To be a successful as affiliate marketer; as we said; you should choose a niche likes one product.  Give advice and benefits of your product (niche).  This will help the search engines finding your site easily.  To have good traffic to your site; you need to submit articles into the article directories which related to your niche.  Social Bookmarking your site to be noticed. Blogging is like article marketing but, socially connecting by putting links to your sales page.

Written By: Jim Fonda

3 Methods to Earn Money with Web hosting Affiliate Programs

One of my friends started his online business a year ago.  He wanted to make money from his internet business, so he focused on online businesses such as affiliate programs.  He choose one of the web hosting companies that will actually pay him a very nice commission to simply introduce their services to others.


Nowadays, many people are earning a six figure income by simply introducing their services or products to others.  My friend started doing a very good income, his success came from concentrating on residual income affiliate programs as web hosting affiliate programs belong to the most profitable online money making opportunities.


One of the principles for web hosting affiliate programs is that you must understand what is web hosting, as you will be advertising this online service, in case people ask you any questions. Web hosting is basically an online space reserved for your website placed on a server that is running 24/7/365 in a specialized building named data-center with numerous backups for electricity to ensure your site is always running.


How to make money from web hosting affiliate programs, here are three methods:


1.      Generating a web hosting index or directory and placing affiliate links at the top of your website which belong to the web hosting company that will be paying the affiliate commission.


2.      Web hosting reviews site & forum.  Have a software application which will allow your customers to submit their own comments and reviews and if you are running a web hosting forum by posting an advertisement and paying commission for enrolment, it is so much fun and useful.


3.      Writing articles; the longer time you spend in the web hosting affiliate programs, the more you will learn about web hosting, therefore you will obtain a knowledge which you can write articles about and place links to your web hosting affiliate link.


Written by: Jim Fonda