AOL Kills Off AIM, In Many Ways a Perfect Product

Software makers would do well to emulate the simplicity, single focus of AIM. Even people who haven’t used AOL Instant Messenger, or AIM, for years, were distressed to hear that it would be killed on Dec. 15. I never wanted to leave AIM in the first place, but since Apple stopped supporting it three years […] Read more »

Can Amazon Disrupt More Markets? Let Me Count the Ways

Amazon may be poised to enter the pharmacy as well as grocery business; it trains customers to expect quick delivery. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Amazon targets compliance-driven marketsWorld Economic Forum Says Tech Firms Must Do More to Tackle ExtremismFacebook says will make ads more transparentElon Musk Reveals More Details About His Plan to Colonize MarsAOL Kills […] Read more »

3 Ways Shadow Analytics May Be Working Against You

Analytics is popping up in more functional areas of businesses, outside of IT’s control. Like BYOB, the trend is inevitable. How will your organization manage it? InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:10 Ways Predictive Analytics Improves InnovationAOL Kills Off AIM, In Many Ways a Perfect ProductHurricanes: Risk Analytics in a World of UncertaintyYou Are Doing Analytics Wrong: […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: How do I connect thee? Let me point the ways

Following the thrill of quickly onboarding your team to a new cloud application, following the excitement of being able to experience instant productivity, comes the realization of an additional silo that is disconnected from everything else — from other users, other business applications, and other processes.  How will this new system work with all other […] Read more »

Master Class: 3 ways to fast-track your journey to the cloud (with podcast and video)

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9 Ways VR Video Gaming Is Getting Very Real

VR technology was everywhere at this year’s Game Developers Conference. But it will be a while before it registers in the real world. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Master Class: 3 ways to fast-track your journey to the cloud (with podcast and video)Apple Reportedly Fires Engineer After Daughter Posts iPhone X VideoScientists Are Getting Closer to Making […] Read more »

10 Ways Predictive Analytics Improves Innovation

From drug discovery to price optimization, across virtually every industry, more companies are using predictive analytics to increase revenue, reduce costs, and modernize the way they do business. Here are some examples. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:IBM Lays Industry Specific Powerful Behavior Based Predictive AnalyticsSAP HANA Dresses for Internet of Things and Predictive AnalyticsAOL Kills Off […] Read more »

OpenStack Now Offers 3 Ways To Deploy Containers

OpenStack’s Magnum Project will give cloud users the ability to deploy Docker containers in virtual machines, on bare metal, or in other containers. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:AOL Kills Off AIM, In Many Ways a Perfect ProductRackspace, OpenStack and the Multiplicity of CloudsEdge computing: What you need to know before you deployCan Amazon Disrupt More Markets? […] Read more »