Get a High Search Engine Rank with Article Links

An article can make a big difference if it is well written.

In the internet people look for various products and services and therefore if they are not described in detail, they are not likely to come up in the search results. This can lead to low sales and thus the business become less prospective. With a large number of information it is very difficult for an average user to locate and search a product or service unless each has written distinctly and separately. The essence of internet marketing through articles is uniqueness of the content.

The Importance of Content: It is from the product or service description a prospective customer gets an idea about them before actually buying it. If a person can clearly show the pros and cons of a product, a customer can decide whether to buy it or not. It is better to add relevant images and videos also if it is available along with text description. Even if these are added to the website of the company or person, it may not get noticed by large number of peoples unless it is not distributed to the internet widely. The importance of link building in the content is therefore essential for this.

How Links are Made in an Article? In an article links are made in a number of ways. It depends upon the policy of the article distribution and social network site. For example, the ezinearticles, a leading platform for article distribution allows author resource boxes separately wherein the author can place HTML links about his product or service. It does not allow linking or any other promotion in the article body. The hubpages allow linking in the text by placing the URL of the link. The squidoo site allows to place HTML links inside the text body so that the highlighted text will navigate to the relevant page of the author’s website.

Hubpages: Unlike ezinearticles, Hubpages will allow text linking in the article body. To place a link in the text just highlight the text by selecting it and when the chain link icon is clicked, another small window is opened to place the URL of the page. Squidoo: Squidoo allows linking in the article body but one need to use HTML for the purpose. WordPress: WordPress will allow text linking in the article body just similar to how a link is placed in a hubpage

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