IDG Contributor Network: 3 steps CIOs can take to lead more strategically in 2017

It’s time to rethink the CIO title. Are you responsible for keeping the trains running on time and the lights on, or are you providing the thought leadership and guidance within your own organization to maximize value and business agility?

Most C-level executives run the risk of doing the perp walk in handcuffs out of the office and ultimately wearing an orange jumpsuit if their subordinates break the rules or screw up – and while you serve a valuable function, this is not true for the CIO. 2017 needs to be the year where you go from “serving” to “leading.”

To earn your keep, you need to show both value and accountability at a minimum. A-grade CIOs identify opportunities to drive business growth – and A+ ones do it with fewer resources, not more.

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ContainerX steps into the limelight with a new container platform for enterprises

Enterprises interested in tapping container technology now have a brand-new option for managing it: ContainerX, a multitenant container-as-a-service platform for both Linux and Windows.

Launched into beta last November by a team of engineers from Microsoft, VMware and Citrix, the service became generally available in both free and paid versions on Thursday. Promising an all-in-one platform for orchestration, compute, network, and storage management, it provides a single “pane of glass” for all of an enterprise’s containers, whether they’re running on Linux or Windows, bare metal or virtual machine, public or private cloud.

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Six steps to achieve an As-a-Service transformation

Although vendor-written, this contributed piece does not promote a product or service and has been edited and approved by Network World editors.

The As-a-Service model promises to reshape business service delivery to provide companies with plug-in, scalable, consumption-based services, but the opportunities are vastly untapped. According to an Accenture and HfS Research survey of more than 700 enterprise service buyers, advisors and service provider executives, seven out of 10 enterprises with over $ 10 billion in revenues do not expect their core operations to be delivered As-a-Service for at least another five years.

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