The Twitter Fetish

Twitter. What started to be a simple and easy entertaining way of keeping touching friends, has taken over technology being a swarm of migrating birds. Now, with a huge number of websites utilizing this new technology, over 100 million followers, and mobile devices which could access internet from any location, twitter has expanded making sure that many people are informed of every menial activity going down on that day.

Twitter, for all of us who aren’t accustomed to it, is much like a variety of Facebook and texting. It’s like texting in this you can accomplish it from the phone and you’ll choose whom you follow or who sees your twitter statuses. It’s like Facebook because you can follow a writer or online groups which will post tweets, often available as updates, straight away to your phone via text messages. It is usually like updating your Facebook status, only put it into practice frequently.

Younger generation features a fetish for twitter and connecting to friends virtually. Yet, something few anticipated was the chance twitter, and also other such technology that allows frequent status updates, possessed. People don’t find the risks of posting on their Facebook wall about how exactly excited they can be to be vacation or how much it doesn’t intend to make that grocery run. Sometimes, these simple status updates are extremely a thief or rapist ought to know.

Internet security is now an increasing threat. Now, it’s increasingly easy to be aware of exactly where your entire friends are and what they are doing. The trouble is, many people miss the risk for the reason that view these web 2 . 0 mediums as way to meet up with friends. Naturally, you can rely friends and family, right? Well . . . not invariably. Statistics show that approximately two away from three cases of rape are committed by someone who knows their victim. Thus, twittering, or posting a Facebook status for example, Sasha Green is now headed to your car park to receive in their car, just isn’t a shrewd idea.

Should you genuinely wish to be safe inside the online world, never make comments, update statuses, or twitter about your neighborhood as well your are performing that might notify others of one’s location. Also, seek to have only friends you trust that follow your statuses, whether on Facebook, twitter, or various other medium. The fresh world of technology poses dangers when used safely, can in fact be employed to protect you. Technology like security alarm systems do a very good job of protecting homes the ones. Don’t give up technology or declare all this evil at this time. Stay technology savvy. Provides it time to protect you first.

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