Where Does David Beckham Stand?

David Beckham, the legend who has been representing England’s National Soccer Team for more than 10 years is being called upon by Coach Fabio Capello. Unfortunately, Beckham isn’t getting called to lead the team, but Capello wants to give him a chance to say goodbye.

David Beckham is currently the leader in all time caps for England’s National Team. He’s made 115 appearances for the squad throughout his years. He missed this previous World Cup in South Africa as a player because of an injury, but they still brought him along because of his influence on the current players.

As Beckham gets back to full health, it doesn’t seem like England will need Beckham to qualify for the European Championships in 2012. However, Capello is doing the right thing by giving him a chance to player another international game. The fans will love it!

Capello told the public that he would be bringing Beckham to play, so he can say goodbye. He’s hoping that Beckham can do this at Wembley as it’s the perfect place to say goodbye. Capello also made it very clear that he won’t be using Beckham in any competitive games.

We all know that David’s career is coming to an end. He’s 35 and as much as England doesn’t want to let him go, it’s time they move on. Capello made it clear that these older guys aren’t the answer. England hasn’t done anything spectacular with them anyway, so it’s time for them to find a new answer.

Many England supporters were surprised to see Capello coming out with this news before speaking to Beckham regarding his future. Capello said he had not talked to David yet.

Beckham’s agent came back with a response to Capello’s statements that basically said after David’s farewell game, it’s over. His agent made it clear that David is not ready to retire and is very serious about playing international matches if he’s fit.

Although Capello’s assuming Beckham is ready to retire (at least from international ball), Beckham clearly wants another opportunity. I’ve seen Beckham bounce back before (Real Madrid) and prove the coaches wrong. Although I do believe England needs to find new talent, I’m a Beckham fan and would love to see him make the 2012 squad!

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The World Cup Finals

During the World Cup qualifiers and the European Championships Spain produced goals like no team I’ve ever seen before. It was never a problem as they simply knew how to find the back of the net. However, in the 2010 World Cup Spain had trouble scoring in the finals against Netherlands.

It was just a matter of time before one of their chances went in. They had the momentum and all experts were saying Spain would do it as the game went on. Finally, a red-card was drawn and that played a big role in opening up some space for Spain.

In the 116th minute Andres Iniesta gave the lead to Spain. Torres and Fabregas came off the bench and helped put some pressure on the exhausted Netherlands team. Spain kept the pressure on and they were due. They knew they had to avoid penalties as that’s pretty much a toss up. So they kept on working!

Many teams would have lost their focus, but Spain’s persistent attack is what makes them so good. They knew it would finally come and it did. This was actually the story of the tournament for them as they only scored 8 goals throughout the World Cup. Typically, a championship team will score more than that. This didn’t bother Spain, or if it did they brushed it off and kept working hard.

Many fans are left wondering what could have been for the Netherlands. What would have happened if they didn’t get a red card? What about Arjen Robben’s two great chances to score? Nobody will ever know, but things would have absolutely been different.

Spain is only the third team in history to win the Euro Cup and the World Cup two years from each other. They currently have both trophies. Spain has some serious bragging rights, while Netherlands has secured the argument even further that they’re underachievers.

Many experts believe Spain was stronger at the Euro Cup two years ago, which makes their win even more impressive. They weren’t the best they’ve been and were still able to take home the title!

It’s not easy playing in these games for four weeks in Africa. After a long professional season, the bodies of these players need a rest and for this reason, having a deep bench is crucial. Clearly, Spain had one of the deepest teams in the tournament and Netherlands chose the wrong team to go into extra time against!

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Mexico Tops The United States In World Cup Soccer Qualifying

An early goal gave the United States soccer team hope, but in the end the result of their World Cup Qualifier against Mexico at Azteca Stadium was a familiar loss. Mexico rallied for a 2-1 triumph in front of their home fans, sending the US to defeat for the 23rd time in 24 games at the venue.

The United States quickly silenced the raucous crowd of 100,000+ with a goal by Charlie Davies just eight minutes into the game. It was the first time in history that the US soccer team led a match at Azteca Stadium.

Mexico would pull even just ten minutes later when Cuauhtemoc Blanco set up Israel Castro, who beat US goaltender Tim Howard with a blistering shot off the crossbar. That set the stage for Miguel Sabah’s goal in the 82nd minute which gave Mexico the come-from-behind victory. Mexico coach Javier Aguirre sounded simultaneously elated and relived with his post match comments:

“Today is a day to celebrate, drink a few tequilas, and then get back to work. Everybody will go to bed tonight a bit more relaxed.”

US Coach Bob Bradley noted:

“I think it’s a tight game and a fair score. It’s tough loss to have so many guys work so hard and then give up a late goal. The feeling inside is one of great disappointment.”

US forward Landon Donovan spoke of the difficulty in playing at the high altitude:

“We did a good job starting the game well and scoring. They made one play at the end that made the difference. It’s hard to play here, man. It wears you out. It’s just exhausting.”

The Americans play Sept. 9 at Trinidad and Tobago. Theyll finish up qualifying on Oct 10 at Honduras and at home against Costa Rica on Oct. 14. Mexico will wrap up qualifying on Oct. 10 at home with El Salvador and at Trinidad and Tobago on Oct. 14.

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