Focusing on the cheapest cloud price could cost you more

Amazon Web Services really leads the way in determining market price for cloud services, and the second-, third-, and lower-tier cloud providers try to price their cloud services below that of AWS to steal its business. That is, until AWS drops prices—again. Enterprises that focus only on cloud usage prices are missing the big—and more […] Read more »

Amazon Starts 2016 With Three Price Cuts

Amazon Web Services diminishes its own prospects of handsome quarterly profits through a set of price reductions. These cuts also make life harder for competitors. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Amazon cuts cost of running Oracle’s database in its cloudWal-Mart tests direct-to-fridge; Amazon ups restaurant gameAmazon joins Kubernetes-focused CNCF industry groupAmazon Positioned to Use Data to Dominate […] Read more »

Google-Alphabet may signal an end to the cloud price wars

Google boldly goes where no tech giant has gone before. The company’s stunning restructuring from Google to Alphabet signals a profound transformation in how the company will operate. The Alphabet structure should enable Google to continue growing its core ad business (which gushes cash) and provide multiple paths for top talent to run their own businesses. It’ll also allow the very […] Read more »