IDG Contributor Network: How do I connect thee? Let me point the ways

Following the thrill of quickly onboarding your team to a new cloud application, following the excitement of being able to experience instant productivity, comes the realization of an additional silo that is disconnected from everything else — from other users, other business applications, and other processes.  How will this new system work with all other existing applications?  How will your team share information and activities provided by this new application with others in your organization?

And once again you start searching various marketplaces for point-to-point connectivity solutions.  

The rapid rise and adoption of cloud applications has amplified the silos within the enterprise, further disconnecting teams, processes, and information. It also has made cross-departmental collaboration considerably more difficult. Cloud-based applications provide the business users with a fast path toward productivity, typically offering a feature-rich environment with relatively easy onboarding, especially when compared with on-premise deployments. They offer features targeting a spectrum of enterprise functions. Collectively, they support almost all facets of an enterprise ranging from workflows, collaboration, analytics, to specific departmental activities. 

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