Serverless computing may kill Google Cloud Platform

Google, which has had to claw its way back into cloud relevance in the shadows of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, suddenly finds itself playing catchup again, thanks to the rise of serverless computing. Although Google Cloud Platform still trails AWS and Azure by a considerable margin in general cloud revenue, its strengths in […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: Mirantis to offer commercial support for OpenContrail SDN platform

As Mirantis is moving away from the ‘pure-play OpenStack company’ tagline, it’s adding more managed services to its resume to take on players like RackSpace and AWS. Mirantis is now offering commercial support for OpenContrail, an extremely popular software-defined networking (SDN) platform used with OpenStack. There are three core components on any cloud: compute, storage and networking. […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: Apcera rolls out its container management platform

Apcera is an interesting company. Its founder, Derek Collison, was one of the key people behind Cloud Foundry back when it was a small platform project within VMware. Since then Cloud Foundry has gone on to become, arguably, the most important platform as a service (PaaS) organization on earth. + Also on Network World: PaaS vendors […] Read more »

Understanding Microsoft’s cloud application platform

When the new Dynamics 365 cloud CRM and ERP service comes out this fall, the obvious comparison is going to be toSalesforce (and NetSuite), but Microsoft’s ambition here is broader than just creating a cloud business software subscription service from its on premise business tools. To read this article in full or to leave a […] Read more »

ContainerX steps into the limelight with a new container platform for enterprises

Enterprises interested in tapping container technology now have a brand-new option for managing it: ContainerX, a multitenant container-as-a-service platform for both Linux and Windows. Launched into beta last November by a team of engineers from Microsoft, VMware and Citrix, the service became generally available in both free and paid versions on Thursday. Promising an all-in-one […] Read more »

Kubernetes – the platform for running containers – is getting more enterprisey

Application containers are all the buzz nowadays. They’re an easy way to package applications and their dependencies into Linux container boxes and run them anywhere – public cloud, a private data center or a developer’s laptop. The problem comes when managing a whole lot of containers together. +MORE AT NETWORK WORLD: Everything you need to […] Read more »

Microsoft is not giving up on Universal Windows Platform

Developers this week will hear a lot about Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for building Windows apps that run across all types of devices, according to a newly released session list for Microsoft’s annual Build conference. First introduced with Windows 8 as Windows Runtime, UWP is a key feature in Windows 10, enabling development with one API […] Read more »

Alphabet plans analytics platform to help cities solve traffic problems

Sidewalks Labs, a unit of Alphabet, is teaming up with the U.S. Department of Transportation to build a data and analytics platform that promises to help cities understand where people go and how they get there. The goal is to help better design transportation infrastructure to suit a city’s needs. The platform, called Flow, will […] Read more »

Nervana’s cloud platform makes deep learning more widely available

Deep learning has usually been accessible to only the largest organizations, but that’s starting to change. On Monday, an AI startup called Nervana launched a cloud offering for what it calls deep learning on demand. Nervana Cloud is a hosted platform designed to give organizations of all sizes the ability to quickly build and deploy […] Read more »

How Rackspace’s container platform is different

Unsurprisingly, Rackspace has joined the legions of other cloud vendors supporting application containers with a new service named Carina. But what is interesting is Rackspace’s approach: The managed cloud company is offering customers the opportunity to run Docker application containers on bare metal – meaning not in virtual machines that use a hypervisor. +MORE AT […] Read more »

Commvault updates its data management platform

Commvault, a data management company, is rolling out updates to many of its enterprise products today, with the aim of simplifying the process of actually using your company’s data. Among the updates are new open APIs that promise not to lock in customer data, better data searching tools, and a new back up mechanism that only saves blocks of data that have […] Read more »

Samsung Open Source IoT Platform Aims to Bridge Connected Devices Gap

Samsung challenge Intel and Qualcomm with the announcement of three new chips aim at the Internet of Things market. Samsung also announced the launch of SmartThings Open Cloud, which will help developers create the applications using their connected devices. The Korean manufacturer new Artik platform includes software, development boards, drivers, tools, security features and connectivity […] Read more »

The Community Roundtable Chooses Higher Logic as its New Community Platform

The Community Roundtable & Higher Logic Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) July 16, 2015 The Community Roundtable, a professional development network for community, social media and social business professionals, will launch a new community platform for its current member community, TheCR Network. It chose Higher Logic, an industry leader in cloud-based, online community platforms. The Community Roundtable […] Read more »

MRIS Launches Mobile App Platform to Edit Real Estate Listings On-the-Go

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) June 18, 2015 MRIS, the industry-leading Mid-Atlantic Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that facilitates nearly $ 125 million a day in real estate transactions, today announced the official release of its MLS developed mobile app with the ability to edit real estate listings anywhere and anytime. The MRIS Mobile App, available for […] Read more »