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Without doubt one of the characterizing aspects of improvements in devices is actually not engineering advances but design. While you could assert that technology and design trends go together, it is equally simple to see precisely how design rules buyer habits. This has been the case for a long time since mass-production allowed manufacturers to create cheap products with the bonus on design rather than functionality. Case in point, the paper clothing of the 1960s were inexpensive and of a bad quality yet for many fashionable people they were items you needed to have in the wardrobe. This process continues to this present day. Mobile phone producers continually play with the dichotomy of functionality vs design. A lot of product designers choose simple designs and rely instead on features. Others choose to offer fewer features but instead focus on the design, at times working with celebrities.

With such a focus on design instead of usability, it is easy to think of products solely as design orientated but it’s good to not forget that such products should have functional benefits. When you are picking a product to buy there tends to be three different factors that you have to weigh up – cost, features and design. Sometimes you might want to spend more on design or features. Other times they get incorporated. Apple’s design ethos is a good example of design meeting technology.

If you always go for the design factor when buying new products then you ought to start to consider the functional factor too. While it might be tempting to buy the coolest designed product, it might not be the smartest. You should really always look at the functionality of the device and how you will use it. There is no point of buying a high-tech laptop if all you will be doing is writing emails with it or surfing the net.

So, when buying new products, always think about how or why you need it. One good example is e-book readers, such as the Amazon Kindle. These have practical uses in real life as well. E.g., loads of airlines now limit flyers to only one piece of hand luggage. An e-book reader is a lot smaller than an average book and you are able to take plenty more books with you on holiday.

Mobile phones have greatly improved their technology features. You might be able to use your mobile phone for all your entertainment needs. Many phones now have large memories enabling you to save music, videos and pictures on there. Lots of cell phones now have digital cameras as well, meaning you do not need to splash out on a separate, expensive camera. The net is no different. Lots of sites have been created with usability and functionality as the focus. You are able to use sites that were made to allow you to manage web time better. They vary from a bookmarking service, password keeper and personalized homepage.

A bookmarks manager can save time and can alter the way you work. Sadly, a lot of them have a more functional design and feel. It will be interesting to watch how they will develop as more and more people expect advanced functionality that is presented in a well designed and aesthetic end product.

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