What on Earth is a BunPig? A New Species of Fast, Fun, and Honest Penny Auction

Holiday shopping can be drag, but it gets a lot more exciting and less expensive if you have good luck on a Penny Auction Site. These sites offer amazing deals on really hot items, but you need to know what you are doing. Even if you do, says BunPig.com programmer Alec Sherman, you can still get burned by one of the many shady sites that actually cheat customers. Alec sat down to guide us through the wild world of penny auctions, and explain why he thinks BunPig.com is the best penny auction site.

In the heat of an auction, it is really exciting to think you might win that iPad for $45. But, it would be equally deflating to know that the site you are trusting and bidding on is actually actively preventing you from walking away with a win. “It is shocking how many BidBots, secret reserve prices, and other underhanded methods of padding prices many of these major auction sites have,” Alec tells us. We wanted him to fill us in so that we could navigate the Penny Auction waters more safely.

“We provide very up front information regarding how our auctions operate and how much every part is going to cost,” says Alec. Unfortunately, that seemingly simple policy is not the norm. Many sites will not reveal hidden charges, or even how much they charge for each bid, until after customers have already registered as customers. Alec says that looking for comprehensive cost info up front is one great way to reveal the integrity of a site.

Recently, Pennyauctionwatch.com published an article that a developer of a popular penny auction software was under legal scrutiny for putting secret reserve prices and Bidbots in their software package. “We knew all about that,” chuckles Alec, “We regrettably bought that software and had to put 300+ hours of programming into it to take the cheating functions out.” What’s amazing is that Alec says that this software is being used as is by 90% of the penny auctions out there. So bidders need to be very careful, and do some background research to verify that the site where they’re bidding isn’t using shady packages.

We all know how annoying it is to be waiting for a package that just isn’t coming, but some penny auction winners have really felt the pain. “We ran across people who had won auctions months ago and were still waiting for goods,” says Alec. The key here, he tells us, is to read the fine print. “At BunPig.com, we promise 2 day maximum handling time…” says Alec, and recommends checking that information on any site before even buying a bid pack. This ensures that you are not left waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

With penny auctions increasing in popularity, it is nice to know that some of them are among the good guys. It is also nice to know what to watch out for. Do we have to worry about the BunPig? “BunPigs are cute and fuzzy, and they don’t bite,” says Alec, “and they also hate underhanded dealing, so you know you can count on BunPig.com to be an honest penny auction site.”

Wondering where you can find the best new penny auction site on the web? Hop on over to BunPig.com! BunPig Penny Auctions are the most fun you can have with furry ears on. With a focus on openness and integrity, BunPig is going to rule the penny auction world!