Cloud services lift IT outsourcing market higher than expected

Companies signed IT and business process outsourcing deals worth a record $ 9.5 billion in annual contract value, according to the quarterly outsourcing index produced Information Services Group (ISG). Traditional outsourcing contracts were up 5 percent to $ 5.8 billion, while the fast-growing as-a-service segment leapt 20 percent to $ 3.7 billion, according to ISG. […] Read more »

IBN Technologies Limited Launches Secure Data Book Keeping Outsourcing Services for US and UK

IBN Technologies Limited Manhattan, New York (PRWEB) July 06, 2015 The last decade has seen an up rise in the global demand of outsourcing of generic Bookkeeping services. However approaching the Business Continuity contingency plan, most companies tend to feel vulnerable in exposing their key factor of financial audit […] Read more »

Building Your Internet Business with Outsourcing

Sometimes it seems there are hundreds of minute tasks that seem to be a normal part of conducting business online. There seems to be no end in sight, and if anything that number seems to be constantly growing because the online marketing world is not stagnant. Outsourcing is the answer for those marketers who can afford to take advantage of it. When you plan to outsource your Internet marketing tasks, it gives you the freedom to focus on growing your business. Realize, though, that outsourcing is a process, and you will need to plan and execute before everything is in place and you start reaping the rewards. Setting up your outsourced project and new hire will take longer than future efforts, and the more you do it the better and easier it becomes. Given below are some workable outsourcing tips for your Internet marketing business. Read more »