After Amazon outage, HealthExpense worries about cloud lock-in

Financial services companies as popular targets of cybercriminals for the obvious reason — they’re where the money’s at. And health care companies have medical records, which are very valuable on the black market since the information there can be abused in so many ways, and doesn’t expire.

HealthExpense, which provides health care payment services to banks and their enterprise customers, straddles both worlds.

“When we started, every new client asked us about security,” said Marco Smit, CEO at Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Health Expense.

“It has to do with the data we’re collecting,” said company CSO Ken Lee. “We are definitely bound by HIPAA compliance, and we hold all the personal health information and financial information.”

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IDG Contributor Network: Lessons learned from the recent AWS S3 outage

Amazon S3 underpins many AWS services, including AWS Lambda, Elastic BeanStalk, and Amazon’s own Service Health Dashboard. It also serves as an object and media store for many other internet services that rely on it every day.

On February 28th, 2017 AWS experienced an hours long outage of the Amazon S3 Service in US-EAST–1 region. That created a cascading effect of outages across a good chunk of the internet, including services like Dockerhub.

A human error turned out to be the root cause:

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