IDG Contributor Network: The new Rogue IT: A growing, invisible threat to your IT operations

Back in the day, “rogue IT” typically entailed departments building servers and putting them under their desks in an attempt to circumvent the IT department and all of the pesky security controls that came with IT-approved servers.

Often, those servers sat under a desk, inside a closet or back room — unpatched, unprotected, and non-compliant — for long stretches of time before finally being discovered. 

Those were the good ol’ days, compared to the new type of rogue IT that’s quickly spreading through today’s IT landscape. It’s invisible, nearly undetectable, and completely unacceptable, to say the least. 

The new rogue IT involves departments buying things online (think Amazon Web Services, Google Services, and Microsoft Azure), and setting up off-the-books IT operations outside of your organization’s boundaries. 

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