The Beginner’s Guide To Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has become a popular way to make money online. But, there are many who give up when they do not see success they are looking for. This is due to the fact that they do not realize that the the way one approaches this business may have to change. Here are mistakes that one may do well to avoid.

The first thing to keep in mind when starting out is that this is a business and has to be treated as such. That means an investment of time and money will be required. It is not necessary to have lots of money to start, none may be needed. But, time is definitely required and must be set aside for creating an online business.

They are not focused on one thing at a time – If a person’s mind is not centered on one area at a time, it is easy to get off track. Not only is this true when setting up an effective system, but when working online in general. There are many things that can distract someone, like watching videos online for example. Being focused helps a person to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time

Planning is something that is often neglected because of the promises of easy money that can be made online. However, it’s always important to plan and set goals. Knowing exactly what one wants, makes it easier to work towards it. In order to do this, a person has to know what they want. When one is knowledgeable about what is to be achieved, goals that are well defined and reachable should be made.

This requires research, so that educated decisions can be made. One of the things that new comers are faced with is information overload. There are so many ways to market products online, that it is easy to become confused and overwhelmed. This is why it is best to consider all options before making a decision.

Action is not taken on what they have learned – A person may take the best course in the world on internet marketing and still fail. The reason is that they do not take the time to put what they have learned into practice. This is something that many people do all the time and then wonder why something isn’t working.

These are some of the mistakes people make when trying to make it in internet marketing. Many businesses really begin in the mind before becoming a reality. So it’s not the money that is needed first. It is the right way of thinking. When one understands this, there is nothing that could stop them form being successful.

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Understanding SEO and SEM For Marketing Success

Many individuals new to web marketing have some questions about search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Are they one in the same? How are they different? SEO and SEM have many similarities but are not the same.

First, lets focus on how search engine optimization (SEO) and search marketing (SEM) are similar. Each of these online marketing techniques requires a basic and advanced understanding. SEO requires knowledge of search engine and how to effectively optimize a website or web page. SEM requires knowledge and understanding about online marketing, online advertising, and keyword marketing.

Both internet marketing methods may appear as difficult subject matter but they are relatively easy to understand. The complexity comes in the actual implementation of SEO and SEM programs. SEO can be explained as techniques that used to drive your search engine ranking. Simply state, where your site is ranked on major search engines is based on your understanding and implementation of SEO best practices.

Search engine marketing is the practice of online advertising via major search engines. Even though Google is the largest and most well know, there are literally hundreds of smaller ad networks. Each network functions in much the same way. Advertisers place online ads throughout the network and when a browser clicks, you pay a fee. This is true regardless of conversion.

SEO is different than SEM because it is based on natural or organic search results versus paid results. Search engine optimization techniques can be better defined as on page optimization and off page optimization. On page optimization directs you on how to design your web page in an effort to improve ranking and search ability. Said another way, on page optimization is closely tied to web site design and off page is more associated with factors outside your website itself.

The purpose of SEO is to generate natural traffic to your website. After a browser completes a search on Google or other major search engine, the resulting list is based on each search engines algorithm. When users click on these results you do not pay. Organic search is usually referred to as natural or free traffic.

Search engine marketing is different than SEO because with SEM you pay only when users take a specific action. Unlike traditional advertising you do not pay for an ad to simply appear. Rather, you pay when a browser clicks on your ad. Your advertising costs are related to a number of factors including keyword competitiveness and ad placement.

Doing business online requires a firm knowledge of both search engine optimization as well as search engine marketing Both internet marketing disciplines can support your online success. If you are not currently comfortable with SEO or SEM, begin with some simple research, explore SEO and SEM products, or subscribe to an RSS feed. Doing so can improve your knowledge and expertise in both of these areas.

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Online Advertising Is The Next Frontier In Advertising

Many businesses are discovering that it is necessary to obtain a viable presence online in order to be competitive in today’s marketplace. Many years ago it was common for businesses to use television, flyers and direct mail campaigns as advertising mediums but with the advent of the internet online advertising appears to be the next frontier. Come and take a look at the various forms of advertising and exactly how they work.

Have you ever come across an ad which will appear before an expected site loads? This is called and Interstitial Ad. Let’s say you are looking for video of a cosmetic brand that you are interested in. You search for their website and click the link and up various ads for high-end cosmetics. This is an example of an interstitial ad.

Since we constantly are inundated with advertising we learn to block out and filter what we don’t want to view. Banners are easily ignored. Interstitial ads may be viewed by more people just by the nature of them showing up as an “in between” web page. A large number of surfers do not appreciate having these obtrusive ads show up and software is available which enables a surfer to ignore these ads, so they may not be as effective in reaching your target.

A very safe way of advertising is by placing banners on a site. This is usually a visual ad, on a web page, in the form of a JPEG, GIF, or PNG image that links to the advertiser’s website. The ads can also be constructed using JavaScript or other programming languages such as Flash, Shockwave or Java and may include sound, video or animation to increase their impact. These ads are commonly referred to as Banner Ads because they are generally tall and narrow or wide and short, this “aspect-ratio” gives them the ‘appearance’ of a banner.

More people than ever are members of Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace and as a result social network advertising increases. Placing these ads on these social networking sites is particularly beneficial because the advertisers can target the specific demographics they are looking to reach.

Another way of advertising is through placing ads on online forums. Ads on these sites can be site specific and can also be targeted using specific keywords on the site. For example if you are on a website forum discussing cosmetics and you post a topic about a specific brand, you may start to see banner ads for other cosmetic brands.

Many websites will ask you if would like to join their mailing lists. These lists are used to keep interested site visitors informed about upcoming offers and often will contain advertisements. You would need to opt in first before you receive any mailings.

Visit an any major site and you will likely come across many of these types of online advertising from banner ads and interstitial ads to rich media or interactive media. If you pay attention next time you surf, you may be surprised at how targeted the ads are to your interests!

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Clarify Value to Improve Your Business

Does your marketing message say what your customers want to hear?

Developing value statements for your website copy and other marketing collateral is an opportunity often overlooked. Clear statements of the most important benefit that customers get from your business can substantially increase sales conversions.

What is your value proposition? In one clear sentence, describe the best reason why potential customers would want to do business with your company.

The concise clarity of your statement is important to maximize your marketing message. It is the main reason why people buy from you. By improving this one marketing element, you have the opportunity to increase sales without adding any additional expense.

It’s shocking how many companies have not made the effort to develop a strong and clear benefit statement, but instead only provide commonly used weak offers.

Examples of Weak Value Statements:

We have the best technology in the industry

Use our service and you will save more money

We provide the highest quality product available

Generic marketing claims don’t speak to the real needs of customers. You have only a brief window of time to make a good first impression, and keep their attention in order to convert more sales.

Better Value Propositions:

Our technology increases your output 24% more than the leading brand

Save $100 dollars on every product purchased as a premium member

The quality of our product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Vale statements which are too brief or generic can result in losing customers by not speaking to their felt need. General product descriptions may seem clear to you, but do they convey the most important benefit to others?

Use specific words, numbers, or a percentage to explain your product benefits. Replace vague modifiers with quantitative facts to make your offer more credible. The more specific your offer is in terms of benefits to the customer, the better.

Think of at least one company benefit that is different from your competition. It provides a key sales advantage and keeps you focused on your core message.

Clarify your sales message and write what your customers want to hear to take advantage of a prime opportunity for increasing your sales conversions and company revenue.

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