Proper Ways to Follow Up After Your Interview

You were excited about your job interview. You were confident and you knew that you had proven that you are the best candidate for the job. You could already imagine signing a contract with the company. They told you that you would receive a call from them, and you waited. After several days, they still did not call. It was a very frustrating time. No candidate should go through this experience and no company should act this way — but it’s not that uncommon. The worst part of all of this is that it happens all the time.

It was Tuesday when a certain company asked Cheryl for an interview. Cheryl aced the interview and she was very confident with its outcome. The interviewer informed Cheryl that they would call her before the end of the week. When Friday came, Cheryl still did not hear anything from the company. “What should I do?” thought Cheryl. She needed to know badly and found herself in a dilemma.

Fortunately, for Cheryl, her cousin Gloria is a Human Resources officer at a different firm. She finally decided to ask Gloria for some advice regarding her application. Gloria told Cheryl that it is okay to call back, but she should call the company on Tuesdays because Mondays are always a bad time to follow up.

That Tuesday, Cheryl made the call to the company. Before making the call, she made sure that she was prepared. She even wrote a script of her message to establish a good impression. When she dialed, she reached a voice mail and left a message:

“Hello! My name is Cheryl Jones. I was able to meet with you last Tuesday when you scheduled my job interview. I would like to inquire about my job application and if you still think I’m qualified for the position. It will be great if you contact me today at 333-999-8888. Thank you!”

Do not be ashamed to contact your company if you want feedback about your application. You just need to be prepared when you inquire, show respect, and be professional. State the fact that you want to know the results of your application. Let them know that they are your first choice and you want to settle things with them before looking for new opportunities. But don’t call more than three times. If you continue to ask them, you will begin to look desperate. Consider their silence as a negative response to your application.

If you get a chance to talk to a real person when you call, make the best out of this opportunity to inquire about your pending application. Sometimes the person who will talk to you will offer you sound advice. Appreciate this instance and thank the person because this seldom happens. Find a lesson to learn from this event.

Applicants are always curious to know the status of their application and employers realize this fact. Some bosses just wait for the proper time to let the candidates know about the results. However, other employers keep applicants hanging even if they already set a certain date to announce the results. Consider this fact when deciding to pursue a career with this employer. The best thing to do is to continue searching for other jobs while you wait for the application results.

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