Is A.I. Just Marketing Hype?

Early today, Slate pointed out that breakthrough technologies always seem to be “five to 10 years away,” citing numerous tech forecasts (energy sources, transportation, medical/body-related technologies, etc.) containing that exact phrase.

The also included some quotes predicting breakthroughs in “Robots/A.I.” in “five to 10 years,” but the earliest was from 2006 and rest were from the past two years. The lack of older quotes is probably because with A.I., the big breakthrough–the “singularity” that approximates human intelligence–has a fuzzier threshold.

Here’s are some highlight in the history of A.I. predictions:

  • 1950: Alan Turing predicts a computer will emulate human intelligence (it will be impossible to tell whether you’re texting with a human or a computer) “by the end of the century.”
  • 1970: Life Magazine quotes several distinguished computer scientists saying that “we will have a machine with the general intelligence of a human being” within three to fifteen years.
  • 1983: The huge bestseller The Fifth Generation predicts that Japan will create intelligent machines within ten years.
  • 2002: MIT scientist Rodney Brooks predicts machines will have “emotions, desires, fears, loves, and pride” in 20 years.

Similarly, the futurist Ray Kurzweil has been predicting that the “singularity” will happen in 20 years for at least two decades. His current forecast is that it will happen by 2029. Or maybe 2045. (Apparently he made both predictions at the same conference.)

Meanwhile, we’ve got Elon Musk and Vladmir Putin warning about A.I. Armageddon and invasions of killer robots, and yet… have you noticed that when it comes to actual achievements in A.I., there seems to be far more hype than substance?

Perhaps this is because A.I.–as it exists today–is very old technology. The three techniques for implementing A.I. used today–rule-based machine learning, neural networks and pattern recognition–were invented decades ago.

While those techniques have been refined and “big data” added as a way to increase accuracy (as in predicting the next word you’ll type), the results aren’t particularly spectacular, because there have really been no breakthroughs.

For example, voice recognition is marginally more accurate than 20 years ago in identifying individual spoken words but still lacks any sense of context, which is why, when you’re dictating, inappropriate words always intrude. It’s also why the voice recognition inside voice mail systems is still limited to letters, numbers and a few simple words.

Apple’s SIRI is another example. While it’s cleverly programmed to seem to be interacting, it’s easily fooled and often inaccurate, as evidenced by the wealth of SIRI “fail” videos on YouTube.

Another area where A.I. is supposed to have made big advances is in strategy games. For years, humans consistently beat computers in the Chinese game of GO. No longer. And computers have long been able to defeat human chess champions.

However, while the ability to play a complex game effectively seems like intelligence, such programs are actually quite stupid. For example, here are three chess pieces:

The piece on the left is a Knight (obviously) and the piece in the middle is a Queen (again obviously). The piece on the right is called a “Zaraffa” and it’s used in a Turkish variation of chess. If you look at the Zaraffa carefully and you know how to play regular chess, you immediately know its legal moves.

Deep Blue–or any other chess program–could scan that photo for eternity and not “get” it; far less incorporate a “knight plus queen” way of moving into its gameplay. Game playing programs can’t make mental adjustments that any novice chess player would grasp in a second. They would need to be completely reprogrammed.

Similarly, self-driving cars are also frequently cited as a (potentially job-killing) triumph of A.I. However, the technologies they use–object avoidance, pattern recognition, various forms of radar, etc.–are again decades old.

What’s more, even the most ambitious production implementations of self-driving cars are likely to be limited to freeway driving, the most repetitive and predictable of all driving situations. (While it’s possible self-driving cars may eventually cause fewer accidents than human drivers, that’s because human drivers are so awful.)

The same thing is true of facial recognition. The facial recognition in Apple’s iPhone X is being touted in the press as a huge breakthrough; in fact, the basic technology has been around for decades; what’s new is miniaturizing it so it will fit on a phone.

But what about all those “algorithms” we keep hearing about? Aren’t those A.I.? Well, not really. The dictionary definition of algorithm is “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations.”

In other words, an algorithm is just a fancy name for the logic inside a computer program. It’s just a reflection of the intent of the programmer. Despite all the sturm-und-drang brouhaha about computers replacing humans, there’s not the slightest indication that any computer program has created, or ever will create, something original.

IBM’s Watson supercomputer is a case in point. Originally touted as an A.I. implementation that was superior to human doctors in diagnosing cancer and prescribing treatment, it’s since become clear that it does nothing of the kind. As STAT recently pointed out:

“Three years after IBM began selling Watson to recommend the best cancer treatments to doctors around the world, a STAT investigation has found that the supercomputer isn’t living up to the lofty expectations IBM created for it. It is still struggling with the basic step of learning about different forms of cancer.”

What’s more, some of Watson’s capabilities are of the “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” variety. Again from STAT:

“At its heart, Watson for Oncology uses the cloud-based supercomputer to digest massive amounts of data — from doctor’s notes to medical studies to clinical guidelines. But its treatment recommendations are not based on its own insights from these data. Instead, they are based exclusively on training by human overseers, who laboriously feed Watson information about how patients with specific characteristics should be treated.”

Watson, like everything else under the A.I. rubric, doesn’t live up to the hype. But maybe that’s because the point of A.I. isn’t about breakthroughs. It’s about the hype.

Every ten years or so, pundits dust off the “A.I.” buzzword and try to convince the public that there’s something new and worthy of attention in the current implementation of these well-established technologies.

Marketers start attaching the buzzword to their projects to give them a patina of higher-than-thou tech. Indeed, I did so myself in the mid 1980s by positioning an automated text processing system I had built as “A.I.” because it used “rule-based programming.” Nobody objected. Quite the contrary; my paper on the subject was published by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

The periodic return of the A.I. buzzword is always accompanied by bold predictions (like Musk’s killer robots and Kurzweil’s singularity) that never quite come to pass. Machines that can think forever remain “20 years in the future.” Meanwhile,, all we get is SIRI and a fancier version of cruise control. And a boatload of overwrought hand-wringing.


HubSpot Inbound 2016: A tech conference disguised as a sales & marketing one

I had my reservations about hitting HubSpot’s annual Inbound conference in Boston this week. Yes, it would be easy enough to swing by from our suburban Boston headquarters, but Network World caters to enterprise IT professionals, not software maker HubSpot’s sales and marketing crowd.

Sure enough though, the 19,000 registered attendees at the flashy event full of funky seating arrangements and celebrity speakers (including President-elect Donald Trump, er, Alec Baldwin) were treated to a steady stream of tech talk, so I didn’t feel out of place at all. Neither did the target audience given that they are increasingly making the kinds of technology purchasing calls in this cloud-happy world of which IT staffs are well aware.

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Network World Cloud Computing

IDG Contributor Network: Why IT and marketing need to work together

One thing systemically changing businesses of all stripes today is data. While it may seem that many companies have gotten their arms around the complicated data situation, it’s as clear as ever that is not the case. Although the marketing department is being tasked with providing a more enriched interaction between businesses and their respective customers, the reality is that they’re still orienting themselves to the problem and current solutions.

To help you better understand what marketing is dealing with and why the Information Technology (IT) department needs to help, let me set the scene for you. As noted in my previous post, cross-departmental collaboration is a keystone to delivering a modern, cost effective marketing strategy.

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CIO Cloud Computing

3Pillar Global & Natural Insight Announce Partnership to Accelerate Workforce Management Innovation for Retail Merchandising and Field Marketing

3Pillar Global and Natural Insight today announced that they are partnering to develop the next generation of the Natural Insight platform. Natural Insight is a leader in enterprise workforce management software for retail merchandising and field-marketing organizations. 3Pillar Global develops innovative, revenue-generating software products for clients.

The aim of the partnership is to extend and accelerate workforce management innovations made possible with the Natural Insight platform and to help customers better organize and execute in-store merchandising programs and field marketing events. To accomplish this, 3Pillar and Natural Insight will develop enhanced mobile survey capabilities, which will capture real-time data from in-store employees and empower managers with deep insight into current operations and future trends.

“When we started working with 3Pillar, we were impressed with the approach they took to understand our business and work with us to prototype the ideal Natural Insight experience for our customer base,” said Stefan Midford, President & CEO of Natural Insight. “We are looking forward to partnering with 3Pillar to provide our customer base with a new and improved product they can use to further optimize their retail merchandising and marketing efforts.”

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with one of Northern Virginia’s leading technology companies to help Natural Insight grow their customer base, their geographic presence, and their business,” said 3Pillar Global CEO David DeWolf.

About 3Pillar

3Pillar Global builds software products for businesses, enabling them to quickly turn ideas into value. This is done through a disciplined approach to innovation and a deep expertise in disruptive technologies, such as mobile and big data. Through a collaborative and fully-integrated experience, clients have access to a global network of highly-talented, dedicated professionals. To learn more about 3Pillar, please visit

About Natural Insight

Supporting 65,000 skilled retail professionals in more than 110,000 locations globally, Natural Insight is a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management software for merchandisers, product companies, event marketers and retailers. Natural Insight is privately held and headquartered in Sterling, VA with offices in Toronto and Birmingham, England. Visit for more information.

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Sweden’s Heavyweight Boxing Champ Ingemar Johansson

Former heavyweight champ Ingemar Johannson died in a Swedish nursing home in January 2009 at the age of 76. He’d lived in the nursing home in his hometown of Kungsbacka since the mid’90’s when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia. No official cause of death was given, but Johannson had suffered a serious bout with pneumonia just prior to his death.

Johannson rocketed to international fame and rock star like superstardom in Sweden by virtue of his 3rd round knockout victory over Floyd Patterson on June 26,’59 to become only the 5th heavyweight champion born outside of the US. Johannson was considered the underdog going into the matchup, and due to the perception that he wasn’t training particularly hard entered the bout a 5/1 underdog. Johansson was frequently seen in Catskill nightspots during his training camp with his attractive young secretary in stark contrast to Patterson’s disciplined regimen in preparation for his title defense.

Despite his devil may care approach to training, he shocked the boxing world on that night in Yankee Stadium. After a lackluster first two rounds, Johannson knocked Patterson to the canvas with a right hand early in the third. Patterson never recovered and was knocked down a total of seven times before the ref waved off the fight and awarded the victory to Johannson.

Johannson would hold the title for just under a year before he lost it back to Patterson in a rematch at the Polo Grounds in New York City. Patterson was the aggressor from the opening bell, and would eventually regain his title as he knocked Johannson out cold in the fifth round with a looping left hook. Johannson went down like he got shot, and took a ten count staring up at the lights with his leg twitching and blood dribbling out of his mouth. In the immediate aftermath of his victory, Patterson displayed the class of a champion as he was more concerned about Johanssons well being than celebrating his win. Patterson sat on the canvas with his fallen opponent cradling his head as medical personnel tended to Johannson. Floyd Patterson had just become the first man to regain the undisputed heavyweight championship, but his thoughts were with the man hed taken the title from.

Johannson would again face Patterson less than a year later, with the champ retaining his title via 6th round knockout after an exciting slugfest that saw both competitors taste the canvas. Eventually, however, Patterson’s superior conditioning prevailed and he earned the victory. Johannson would fight only four more times after that, all in his home country of Sweden, before retiring for good in’63.

Patterson and Johannson remained close lifelong friends and would travel to visit each other every year until the American champion died in 2006. While it is commonplace today for former in-ring adversaries to become close personal friends(eg: Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosely, Mickey Ward and Arturo Gatti), it was less common in the’60s. Johannson remained a big star in Sweden, occasionally appearing in movies and enjoyed good health well into his 60’s when old age began to take its toll.

Ingemar Johansson is considered one of Sweden’s greatest sports heroes, and was a crucial element in fueling the popularity of boxing in Europe and Scandinavia. He was married and divorced twice, and is survived by five children.

Ross Everett is a freelance sports writer and highly respected authority on NFL football betting. His writing has appeared on a variety of sports sites including sportsbooks and sportsbook directory sites. He lives in Southern Nevada with three Jack Russell Terriers and an emu. He is currently working on an autobiography of former energy secretary Donald Hodell.

A Compact Refrigerator Is Useful In Every Home

There are many ways in how a compact refrigerator is useful in all homes. The truth is that we are all trying to make our homes as practical and convenient as possible. This is regardless of the building style, whether it is a bungalow, cottage, split level.

For one thing, we all drink more than we eat, in most cases. So, when you are on another level of the home, it just makes sense to have one of these appliances nearby. It avoids traveling distances or going up and down the stairs continuously.

Of course, some people would say that they would prefer to have a regular sized fridge elsewhere in the home, such as the garage, a mudroom, or what have you. But, they aren’t really the best solution because they are more expensive, bulky, and use too much energy. On the other hand, the compact version can fit practically anywhere. Therefore, they are great in small spaces.

In addition to that, they can also be used in master suites and other bedrooms. This allows the user to grab a drink or a snack with ease. Moreover, they are particularly handy in the home office. More and more people are working from their homes, either full time or part time. So, it enables the individual to reach for a drink, milk or cream for their coffee without stopping what they may be doing. It saves lots of time. And, time is money.

The important thing is to think things through before going out to purchase a full size fridge since there are options. Because of their compact size, they make for great solutions no matter where they are used in the house or even outdoors, so long as they are protected from the weather elements. Imagine how easy serving guests or entertaining outdoors will be with an appliance like this within reach! You will probably enjoy entertaining guests more often than ever before.

You can even choose from specialty fridges, such as wine coolers. Like this, you can create your own wine cellar that you couldn’t otherwise have, ensuring the perfect temperature of each bottle.

Appliances were created for many reasons, including to make life easier. When it comes to this type of appliance, it’s one that is very sought after of late because it’s small and much easier to transport. Plus, they come at very affordable prices to suit any budget.

compact refrigerator

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Put an end to false online scam complaints expeditiously

Discipline and vigilance is required in preserving your positive brand image. This not only helps you attract more customers, but it also convinces your current customers to stay with you. In fact, most companies spend on a lot of advertisements online and offline to keep building their brand with their consumers. Ideally, you’d want to be constantly in their face so they remember you when they have the need of your kind of product or service.

A good brand is a consistent brand. Great products and services are constantly in the public eye. You can’t please everyone though. In fact, you will always have detractors. Apple is a well-loved brand, but they cannot please the whole world. There will always be a Linux or a Windows guy. Some will keep their mouths shut about how much they don’t like Apple.. while others will seize any opportunity to write defamation slander about it.

Defamation is an act done by someone who sets out to intentionally destroy or malign another person’s reputation. Libel is basically defamation through print, audio, video and any other format that is published in a mainstream form for the whole world to see. In the online world, it can be in social media, forums, and popular websites. Slander is a false claim that is malicious in character about another party. All of these are punishable by law.

A huge part of defamation of character is due to cutthroat competition where companies malign each other in attempt to steal clients from each other. Slander libel campaigns can really shake a customer’s confidence in the target products or services. However, competitors are not the only ones guilty of this. Employees that have a bone to pick as well as unhappy clients will happily air out all the firm’s dirty laundry.

When doing their business online, most folks are afraid of phishing, identity theft, and virus attacks but most don’t even blink twice when it comes to ignoring negative PR about their firm. Everyone is entitled to have their own say about what you are offering up for sale, but it should not end there. If they have the right to say stuff about your product or service, you have the right to practice brand protection.

For one, you can actually sue the person responsible for the content. Keep in mind though that it does not do anything for brand protection since the content is still online while you fight it out in the courtroom. The name of the game is really perception. Even if you win and the court decides your favor, people may have made their minds about you due to all the negative press you’ve been getting. If you win, you’ll get them to take the content down. But what your customers have read will be on their minds for the rest of their lives and it’s something that no monetary compensation can soothe.

In fact, experts that offer brand protection reputation repair services should be consulted. Truth be told, you should not wait until you and your brand fall flat before you go do this. Don’t wait for a scare. And most of all, don’t wait for your sales to dip before you go do something about it. Negative online publicity will affect your revenue stream because of the very fact that it is negative. Employing a person who can push all the adverse content material down the major search engines will be great for your profits.

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Mini Refrigerator For Home Or Office

Consumers like the idea of owning a mini refrigerator for all kinds of reasons. These might be practical, or somewhat frivolous. Not every situation calls for enough space to store a turkey anyway, though left-overs might be nice.

In a dorm, apartment or basement suite, enough for a carton of juice and yogurt might be ample. Students still eat at home a lot. Youth spend lots of time eating out, getting together with friends. They eat on the run. When your market is extremely young, just months old for example, a small nursery appliance may be ideal. Or, use it to ensure everything you want for baby is on hand when you visit mom and dad: perhaps they could set one up for you.

Or at the office, a slightly larger model might be required. Here could be the place for one with door storage and inner shelves so that everyone can bring his or her sandwiches and salads. In the basement at home, such an item could be just right for watching sports on TV with buddies. They can avoid waking kids upstairs by simply reaching into the little fridge full of beer, cheese and dips.

Hotels make for big customers in this area. Many boast mini bars in their rooms. To keep beer, wine and mixers fresh, a mini fridge makes all the difference. Some even keep somewhat bigger versions in rooms with hot plates and microwaves so that guests can be self-sufficient. It is really convenient when customers can store milk and other perishables in a suite or room for late night snacks.

Novelty items include cubes specifically made for holding cans of soda. Others are built to hold only tall bottles of beer, visible through a transparent door. Some are built with freezer compartments, especially handy for making ice to go into your soda on game night.

Or you could take your fridge on the road. With an AC adaptor it might act as your cooler, just without the ice packs. Take picnic fixings in your car and find that the cool stuff stays cool. These are fitted with a handle and tend to be quite light, plastic coated models without CFCs.

Usually, a mini fridge is not part of your overall interior design considerations. It acts as a temporary appliance, often in an equally temporary setting. This means you do not have to match it to toaster and oven. If, however, this matters to you, most models come in stainless steel, black or white: pretty common colors among kitchen fixtures.

mini refrigerator

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Letterhead Designs Can Still Serve A Useful Role In Promoting A Company’s Image

It is true that since the arrival of computers, letters are not really in use these days as tools for business marketing as they were in the olden days. Despite all this, the letterhead that has been properly designed is still an important part of branding and promoting of the image of the company.

It is simply mind boggling that the letterhead, though slighted by many, will still remain as the backbone of advertising campaigns for most companies.

Branding simply means the way the company logo and colors have been used to portray its image to the outside world. It helps to imprint the product you offer in the minds of would be customers. It actually means that when one sees these particular colors and design logo, the first thing is to remember your brand services and products.

The business letterhead that has a beautiful branding will help to quietly reinforce your company image in the minds of the customers and anyone else who looks at the correspondence.

It is easy to find some word processing programs which will give you a way of making some basic business letterheads which will look fine on any document you print.

For those who require a more professional and elaborate style of letterhead, they will find it easy to enlist the services of an expert graphic designer who will of course do a better job and charge them accordingly. The company would then produce a whole lot of them in bulk paper and then use these by just inserting into the printer.

The best way is to keep the business letterhead design pretty small in order not to overwhelm your customers. So your logo should be delightfully restricted to the top of the page, and because it is small; you will be able to add the name of the company, address and other contact details displayed in bold easily seen text.

Apart from this, it is also good to list your company website together with the letterhead design and this is most appropriately centered at the lower part of the page below the content.

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Should You Buy Targeted Web Traffic?

Getting web site traffic can be hugely frustrating especially when you believe that you have already worn-out all your resources. When all else fail, there simply is nothing else that can be done except to wait and want circumstances to change. Or you can purchase targeted web visitors to see if others can make things work for you.

Buying targeted traffic can be the right decision to firstly make a website click in particular when it has a compelling, relevant content and only needs exposure to possess a great start. The’re many targeted traffic providers that you can easily find on the internet and which can offer you an array of plans at affordable rates. Traffic banks can help you improve your visits by multi-fold in a moment. Then the only job that will be left for you to work with is making sure that your site meets the expectations of all its visitors

Apart from getting visitors with a high chance of becoming conversions, your targeted traffic also increases your site quality and thus improve search engine ranking. Getting easily indexed by search engine crawlers thanks to a steady flow of traffic will be a giant step towards becoming highly optimized. It is already a common knowledge that seo efforts need to wait for around six months before being in position to display significant developments. Certainly you cannot just sit down and hold on for the efforts to finally show off their fruits. You should start getting targeted traffic as soon as possible – one way of which is to buy targeted traffic from respectable traffic banks.

Targeted traffic also increases your authority for certain subjects. We do not speak here of search engine authority but of that ingredient that is present in a human web site reader. If ever your web site is a membership site that openly displays website visitor facts, those who happen to look at your website will likely consider you a highly relevant site to your industry as a consequence of the particulars of the traffic ( which is going to be exclusive only to the industry).

The targeted traffic you buy can likewise be used to conduct affiliate marketing. Search for potential businesses that might also benefit from the targeted traffic you purchased. You will surely find some that can be of help you primarily pay for the targeted traffic or you can even receive a more generous income out of connecting with affiliates (that is, by carrying out or putting out ads for other sites). Do not just own the traffic you generate. Instead, make the most of it by somewhat recycling it for use by other sites.

The success of a website does not solely rely upon whether you gain visits or buy targeted Internet traffic. It is simply the start. Much still comes to play after the visitors finally lay eyes on your website content. Buying targeted traffic is literally paying only for the attention. The next and certainly more important step is the way to produce the attention count.

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Few Video Products Tips

It would not be strange if you were thinking about being a video creator for Goods for sale on the World Wide Web – it is also possible you have been tossing around more thoughts than you know where to go next with. This is an simple trap to fall into so it’s essential to do some brainstorming for concepts initially, but always be certain to put a limitation on your concept developing stage. If you let it drag on, you’ll never get anything done. Set deadlines for yourself even when you consider you don’t have to. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re making progress toward your goal when in fact you haven’t gotten anything finished.

The failure to concentrate on one project and take it through to successful completion is a perfect sign that you’re dragging one’s heels. If you get a brainstorm for producing some other video product every day, but you still haven’t created a completed production to trade on the World Wide Web, make up your mind to do something about it now. Suppose your family all say you’re a natural comic and you’ve been playing around with the idea of creating a comedy routine or skit. One way to get it complete is by setting priorities, adopting a plan, and making deadlines.

Pick a day to shoot the video and stick to it by approaching this as if you were making a job for hire. When you force yourself to get things finished, you’ll begin to notice a large difference in the outcomes you get. How much time you give yourself depends on how much time you can in reality spend working on the job, of course. If you’re doing this at night or on the weekends, you obviously need more time than a full-time Internet marketer who is planning a promotional video recording for a website.

Get up one hour earlier if that’s the only way you can find time to do it and attack it as a project for one month by setting your shoot for one month from now – then stop thinking about it and start composing a script. People who get things complete know that there is ne’er a exact time to start whereas individuals who hold back for inspiration before they begin a script never get started. As Jack London said, “You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club”. You have to get something down on paper to trigger connections between ideas and my best ideas always come during the composing procedure – never in the “thinking about what to write” stage.

Experience has taught me to just start writing and get it all down on paper so when I make a first draft in front of me, that’s when I get inspired. I see all sorts of things I never would have seen without the stimulation of the thoughts that came apparently out of nowhere as I was working on the first draft of my script. So stop thinking about it and get a script on paper, then revise, shoot it and put it up for sale on the Internet – but get started today.

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What’s The Difference Between PPC and SEO?

Looking for the most effective marketing techniques? PPC and SEO are the most popular techniques used in recent years, but the two can be easily confused. Get a better understanding of the differences by reading on.

SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of making your site rank more highly in the search engines for the keywords that relate to your products or services. It looks to enhance what we refer to as the “organic rankings.” That is the non-paid, natural search engine listings. PPC on the other hand, often referred to as Pay Per Click, is a means of getting an “advertisement,” on the Google (or other search engine) results page. PPC listing are the “sponsored listings,” that appear above and to the right of the natural results in Google. But what are the benefits of each?

Want to know what the benefits of each are? SEO is most likely achieving by paying an SEO agency a set amount of money monthly. Increases in traffic from the work done are not charged at extra. SEO is a long term project which will increase traffic to a website over time, slowly adding authority to your domain. When work stops, SEO results will not simply vanish, although if not maintained, SEO effect will diminish over time.

Pay per click offers instant results. You pay Google for advertisements and they are instantly listed. By the same token, however, as soon as you stop paying, the adverts disappear. You are not building up any long lasting authority or value in your domain. However, the ads do appear instantly and are therefore well suited to short term sales, for example. With PPC you pay up to your maximum bid every single time someone clicks on one of your ads, irrespective of whether they go on to make a purchase or submit an enquiry or not. This means the costs can soon add up and in areas where clicks are in the region of 40 each, this can be unsustainable.

If you are not sure which technique is best for you web marketing needs you should approach a SEO or PPC provider and they will talk you through some other advantages of each process.

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Atlanta Real Estate Classified Advertisements

The metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia id the 9th biggest city in the nation, the 2nd biggest in the Southeastern US, and has over 5,400,000 people. The combined statistical area of Atlanta is the biggest in the Southeast, has a population that approaches 6,000,000, and has a large trade area.

Atlanta is a main transportation hub in the Southeastern US by means of railway, air travel, and road and highway and is considered a prime business city. Atlanta is home to the world headquarters of such corporations as The Coca Cola Company, The Home Depot, Turner Broadcasting, Delta Air Lines, and AT &T Mobility.

In the Atlanta Classifieds you can search for all real estate including homes for sale by owner, foreclosures, commercial property, homes for rent, apartments for rent, Atlanta retirement communities, vacation rental houses and homes for sale, property for sale, acreage and lots for sale in Atlanta, land for sale, and houses for sale.

The city of Atlanta, Georgia Classifieds is designed as a website directory where you can advertise for free and in based on the Internet. There are many apartments, rentals, acreage, lots, houses, and homes for sale in Atlanta Georgia. You can use this website to view land, homes, and houses, for sale in Atlanta, Georgia for free.

In Atlanta, Georgia there are numerous houses and other types of real estate for sale. From an urban lifestyle to a rural atmosphere, Atlanta, Georgia has varied selection of home and real While Atlanta, Georgia property market is normally priced below the national averages, Atlanta, Georgia Classified advertisements for real estate has considerable growth in retirement communities, vacation listings, new home sales, and land property and real estate values. Appreciating land, housing, and home, values in Atlanta, Georgia will enhance your choice of commercial properties and rentals for sale and rent.

There is a strong demand that drives the real estate that is for sale in Atlanta, Georgia to record levels. With offerings of retirement homes, vacation houses, townhouses and condominiums, land, houses, and single family homes, houses from the mountains to the coast, the real estate market offers property listings such as houses in every price range. You can search the Atlanta, Georgia listings for sale by owner houses, foreclosures, lots and land, rental and vacation housing, retirement community housing, and homes for sale. You will b able to find the ideal land or house in Atlanta, Georgia.

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The Austin Texas Classifieds

If you live and have a business in Austin, Texas and want to promote that business or have goods and services that you would like to also promote and sell to increase you sales and revenue, you can effectively reach the financial goals for your business is to use the Classified advertisements in Austin, Texas. These advertisements are very specific about the geographical market that you will want to write the advertisements for. However, you should make an effort to create an advertisement in the Austin, Texas Classified Advertisements that will not only get the attention of the potential customer but will also get them to take action and eventually convert them into the customers that your business requires.

In order to promote your business you need to begin with a title or headline that contains everything about your business that you want to promote. Although the advertisement needs to be short, you should use of strong words as the baseline for your advertisement in the Austin Texas Classifieds. The first 10 words of your advertisement are critical since these are the heart of your advertisement. They can make or break your advertisement and eventually your marketing strategy for you business.

Next, you need to provide the details about your promotion, goods, services, products, and business. You should engage your potential customers by including action words and being descriptive that will compel your potential customers to be enticed with the goods and services that you are offering.

Your advertisement in the Austin, Texas classified advertisements needs to be appealing to the senses and emotions of the potential customer and it also needs to target their wants, needs and experiences. To solve their problems you need to make your business stand out. This way your advertisement in the Austin, Texas Classified advertisements will be the answer to all of their problems they will send an email, use their computer, or pick up the telephone. They might simply inquire or they may actually want to purchase your goods product and service but first want to ensure that what you wrote in the Austin, Texas Classified advertisement are precisely what they will get. You should be accurate with your offers and descriptions.

Your advertisements are the tools that will make your business and you gain the trust of your potential customers so that they will be converted into customers and patrons. Remember not to exaggerate but focus on the business’ strong points. To write an effective advertisement you will have to use a very good vocabulary. Advertisements are a great way to promote your business and all you need to do is to focus on what you write in your advertisement.

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Reasons That Business Owners Should Consider Houston SEO For Their Marketing Needs

of Houston SEO advertising is extremely important to today’s modern business. around. Having a fantastic web optimization agency help you to form and maintain your web persona is a fantastic way of getting more customers for your business and more visitors to your website. Here are a few of the multiple ways that this type of program has proven effective.

The best factor in this form of marketing is the targeting ability; it is just so easy to bring in exactly the customers that are seeking out what you have to offer. If you happen to own a business that only deals with customers in a particular area then this is a huge helper. Huge cities benefit greatly from this marketing since they are able to draw in customers who are looking for a service by location. Of course, the same goes for small cities also. If you manage the type of operation that is region specific this is a very important benefit.

Another advantage of SEO is the undeniable strength it has to bring in customers that are already looking for the product or services that your company sells. This advantageous factor is just another way that you can target your specific customer base. The process of targeting traffic to ensure that the people coming to your site most likely want to be there revolves around a delicate process of selecting the best phrases and words to use within content that is associated with the page. This greatly helps to reduce the percent of wasted advertisement. It helps to guarantee that the majority of all guests to your website are there to get exactly what you have to offer and are already to buy. This detail alone is what likely has led to such great success for this process.

A clear draw for business executives in regard to this form of marketing is the relatively economical cost that is involved. Search engine optimization is usually far cheaper than other marketing plans and it is definitely long lasting. After the marketing group that you choose has completed the introductory maintaining the program eventually becomes relatively easy. Clearly hiring a team and setting up this sort of scheme is not going to be free, but it is extremely cost effective. The cost is not only saved in service measurements but this service also tends to render a high ROI.

There is no denying the fact this style of marketing is profit increasing. SEO experts are around to help professionals all over the globe create the optimum marketing plan for their business over the web.

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Applying For A Small-Scale Enterprise Loan Today – All That Is New

There are a few individuals who having suddenly lost their occupation in the economic downturn and have dutifully made an effort for an entire year to secure a work. And the experience has showed them to never put themselves in a position ever again that they would need to look for someone for employment. To some, the shift from a job is about giving life to their own personal enterprise concept; to others who would like a little bit of practice operating a business first, checking out the franchise model seems just right. Starting a brand new business enterprise, you need money for approximately a year in living expenses, you need determination, you must have lots of connections, you have to love exactly what you do, and lastly you need capital. Of all the kinds of financial loans to choose from, the small-scale business loan has been the toughest hit; traditional outlets for financing as well as credit have been so used up by the bad deficits they took offering mortgages without good enough equity or caution that they are going the other way now, running away from any type of financial loan that is not completely supported.

Curiously, the Small Business Administration which the Barack Obama government has been entirely pushing as being the credit savior the country has been looking for, isn’t the one that genuinely does any small enterprise loan making, unless it is to aid with a financial disaster. Exactly what the SBA does is, it remains by your side if you apply for a commercial loan at a bank. It’s the guarantor you always wanted in a friend. Annually, the SBA has the back of a large number of small enterprises trying to get financial loans. They sign on the application, as well as guarantee that your financial loan will be paid back to the financial institution.

So what do you do to apply for a small business enterprise financial loan with the SBA’s warranty and stamp of approval? You have to contact a local bank that is eligible for SBA approval. The agency’s 7(a) program is its best-known plan; it will be offered to wholesale enterprises which employ less than one hundred individuals; and it will assure loans for small-scale retail businesses which do no greater than $21 million in business annually. In case you’re looking for a loan for tools for your own business enterprise, you can get a repayment term of around 25 years; and if you need working capital, you can get terms of up to ten years.

The SBA will typically assure no greater than 85% of any small enterprise financial loan below $150,000. And as the debtor, you have to pay them a lender’s premium of about 2% of what you’ll get. You could look forward to special mortgage programs in case you have just come out of active duty, or if your husband or wife is in active duty at this moment. If what you are considering is a really small loan of under $35,000 that you don’t hope to keep longer than a year, they have special quickie micro-loan programs for just such needs.

But there are much better options than the one above (particularly if you have a business that is already up and running a little bit). On Deck Capital, a company aiming to change the small-scale business enterprise financial loan field. The problem with approaching a regular financial institution is that they don’t really have much experience with making a small enterprise loan. On Deck on the other hand, researches the internet to look for just how creditworthy a business is, and makes loans without any collateral. It will get repaid by tapping your bank account directly for a couple dollars every day. There’s a catch however – they charge an annualized 36% interest.

Video Marketing is a concept that facilitates and encourages people to pass along marketing clips about goods and services. This could be accomplished through Social Media Marketing, an effective approach that will get you links, attention and substantial amounts of traffic by promoting your site or firm through social media channels.

Quash online complaints of being a scam quickly

In today’s ultramodern world, more and more people are turning to the Internet for a wide range of activities. The web is the world’s go-to place for entrepreneurial pursuits as well as for something as mundane as celebrity gossip. In fact, it is a magnet for all the good things and bad things of the world. The truth is that it’s pretty easy to take verbal pot shots at people online because you can hide behind a shield of anonymity.

What is sad though is just how people have taken the Internet as an outlet to say whatever it is in their head with some even going as far as making up nasty rumors. It is simply extraordinary what people will make up just to get a link back to their website. If they do it carefully, it’ll be hard for the offended person or brand to trace who they are, anyway. Anonymity is license for slander and libel.

Anyone of us can fall prey to negative forces online. But the good news is that we can manage online reputation. There are simple ways in which we can conduct reputation management online in order to do damage control.

One way is to simply disregard the negative posts against you. This may sound totally un-proactive and you may be accused of avoiding the issue, but time heals all things, right? In fact, some people think that malicious posts will eventually vanish from online page ranks overnight.

On the other hand, some people go on the offensive by filing lawsuit after lawsuit as their way of doing reputation management online. Eventually, they realize that it is just a collossal waste of money and time. Going after those responsible for the damaging content is not the proper way to do brand protection. It may help in scaring people though and stop them from writing defamation slander.

This next alternative is kind of difficult to do on your own. In fact, it is best done by professionals who know their way around search engines and most especially have reputation management online repair services.

This is not something you can do on your own. It will require you to employ a team of experts that will do a host of search engine reputation management strategies such as the production of useful and positive content in your favor. This way, the positive posts will be noticed more by customers.

Of course, there are a host of similarly simple ways that you can apply to conduct online reputation management. Registering and creating your personal account among social networking media is one such way. The more popular social sites nowadays include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which rank the highest in search engine page ranks and results. Aside from this, monitor the web on a regular basis and Google yourself at all times. This way, you will be able to track and check if there are current postings that could put you and your business in a bad light.

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How SEO Services Are Able To Help A Website To Increase Its Ratings

SEO services can be useful means of helping a website to get better recognition with both the search bots and actual people. Use of such companies can save a person time and effort, and may get backlinks from valuable sites. As well as this, these companies can often discover ways of finding people who are likely to return to a website and become valuable visitors of that site’s pages.

Choosing the right keywords to put in a title, as well as knowing where and how many to place in each article can be a cumbersome job. However, a search engine optimization company can do all the hard work for a person’s website. They can find the best keywords for a website, and know what is the most appropriate density of that word is for any page.

These companies can analyze the market that ones website is trying to appeal towards, and use organic methods to increase the rankings of that site with this information. This can save a website’s owner(s) much time and hassle, and get the website more recognition from the search engines.

Use of backlinks is often thought to be one of the primary ways to increase a website’s ranking and importance on the search pages. A search engine optimization service can help a person to reasonably quickly get such invaluable backlinks from the right sites, and thus get a better ranked website.

A site may be bringing in many viewers each week, but these people may not be interested enough to return to the website. A search engine service can help a person to find those interested people who will return to the website.

When a person would like to optimize his or her website to increase its visitors and ranking as well as to increase other things, using SEO services may be the perfect way that he or she can do this. These companies can help a website rank well in the most beneficial rankings by selection of the best keywords. They can also help a website grow by other organic means which include backlinks from a variety of other important and topical websites. And, as well as being able to increase traffic to ones site, they may be able to bring people who are interested in what they are reading and are more likely to return.

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How To Create An Article Marketing Strategy That Works

There is no doubt that an article marketing strategy should be the part of any business marketing effort online. The truth of the matter is this method has proven to be one of the most effective ways of reaching a large target audience with little or no budget. This is precisely why we have decided to take some time today to teach you about the ins and outs of creating a great strategy for article promotion.

The first and most necessary step to take is establishing whom you are trying to reach with your articles. The way in which you go about marketing your content will largely depend on you who your target audience is. Only once you have figured out exactly whom you want to reach can you start figuring out the best method of doing so.

Now that you have established your target audience, you can now start figuring out what sites the majority of these users utilize. This is because different demographics will obviously gravitate towards different sites. Likewise, those that are looking for specific pieces of information will often use certain sites depending on what that information is.

It is your job to figure out where your content will fit best and be most useful to potential readers and customers. For example, if your content consists of how to articles, you want to make sure to post on a site that caters specifically to that type of content. By doing this, you will increase the chances of readers finding your content beneficial.

If you post on a site that does not typically offer how to articles, you are decreasing the chances of readers finding the content beneficial. It is always a good idea to check out the content already posted on any given site or directory you are considering posting to. Too much similar content will often result in your content being lost among the rest.

It is also important to make sure that your article marketing strategy focuses on providing quality content. You will scare potential customers off with poorly written content. Your articles should be acting as a sales page without the reader ever knowing.

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Anchoring – A Good Method To Convince And Inspire Your Targets

Anchoring is an idea in public speaking that is used when giving a presentation to an audience. It is a way for the speaker to “mark their territory.” When used repetitiously, it helps the audience to remember what the speaker has said.

An example of anchoring is making sure that you stand in a specific location when you want to make a point. It can be used when giving a presentation for a business plan for your company when you want to show the audience your company’s past, present and future and how it is going to evolve and improve the business.

To anchor your words you will want to select three locations on the speaking floor, one to the right, one in the middle, and one to the left. You can call them points A, B, and C.

To being anchoring you will want to make sure you stand in location A to make a point about the past, location B when speaking about the present and location C when you are projecting the future.

From this illustration you can see a similarity with the way that charts are laid out. The past finances are usually on the left side while the future ones are on the right. This is just another way of making your point with your words.

Spatial techniques are not the only way to use anchoring. You can use gestures and tones of voice as well. For instance you can use the same tone of voice when making a specific point. Many comedians use this same technique to draw laughter from their audiences.

Anchoring is not our natural way of speaking, but with practice and patience it can become second nature to us when we must give a presentation to an audience.

To inspire and convince your audience try using anchoring techniques the next time you give a presentation.

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The Need For People To Look For The Right Computer Network Support

There is little disputing the prominent role of the computer in todays hectic and competition-driven social environment. Its status as an extraordinary piece of equipment gets reinforced by ceaseless inventions, while adding to its practical usefulness. No home or workplace should be without one. Its latest developments aside, you also need to keep track of its smooth functioning and link up with related equipment. For this reason, computer network support is vital.

Although it might sound simple, finding the right provider to offer you these services might not be that easy. This is because you are not only looking for a provider with the certifications but one with all the required knowledge. This is not debatable as the technicians must be able to deliver in keeping your systems fully functional.

Some of the areas that the company should have knowledge in include the ability to expand the network when the need arises, installing hubs or even cutting cables to add new connectors. This means they must be conversant with the protocols followed.

Apart from offering support on hardware, it is also very important to consider the software and data section which is very significant. For instance the task of keeping your firewalls intact is very important as it is the only you can be assured that the information within your system is secure. They should also be able to suggest the best antivirus software to keep your computers safe from virus attacks.

Another area where such a company will play an important role is managing the company websites. With almost every company having their own website it would help you cut costs if you get a provider who understands corporate networks and web development. This will also provide you with a smooth working environment hence leading to a higher productivity.

Company networks have also advanced to other areas such as security. For instance, you might want to install a process control and security video system. With the increasing internet bandwidths, you might also want to install a video conferencing system which can greatly reduce travel costs for the company. All these are somehow related but you will need a provider who understands them in depth in order to have smooth operation.

Remember that the most appropriate computer network support companies should provide you with solutions regarding improvements, security and communication matters.

The computer can be utilized for multiple things, including jobs, research, studying and many more things. If you need to know about computer network support, then let us help you figure it out..

Online Marketing Essentials Which Experts Claim People Will Ideally Read And Learn About

Affiliate marketing without a doubt is one of the more popular ways to earn some money online. This method though can become very confusing if you do not get a firm grasp of the basics. This method lets you get paid a commission based on products that you sell. The amount of money that you can earn can vary depending on the product and the vendor. Affiliate marketing basics will be the first step to starting your online career.

There are several things you will need to be successful in this online business. Yes, this is a real business and you will need to treat it as such. Start a website and put useful content on it. Make sure the site is user friendly and not to technical. Promote some products on it, but not too many. You do not want to overwhelm your new visitors too soon.

Picking great products is something that you will need to learn how to do. This will start by doing some research into what people want. You can do this by visiting forums and see what problems people are asking about. This will help you see what products will have a better chance of selling. Visit such sites as Ebay as well to get a good idea what is hot right now. If you do good research you will be able to pick a few hot selling products to promote.

Paid or free advertising is something you must decide on. If you cannot afford paid than using free for the time being is what you will need to do. As soon as you start to see some profit from sales, reinvest the money into paid advertising. Free ads are great, but paid advertising is usually more targeted and you will get better results. Always track your ads to see what is working and what is not.

Take your time and learn as much as you can about your new venture. Many people think that they will have overnight success online, but many times it just does not happen. You will need to work at it and stay consistent to see results. Most people do not realize this and that is why they struggle to sell products.

Keep good statistics on profit and loss and what is selling. A lot of times when the money starts coming in people have no idea how they are doing. By knowing what is selling and what is not you can move forward much easier. Keep detailed stats on everything to see where you stand in your online venture.

Affiliate marketing basics give you a head start into this lucrative business in no time. Following some of these basics will give you a head start on your online venture. It takes time to see a profit, but if you stay consistent over time you can be successful.

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Why Backlinks are important for a website ?

In simple words, if your site has NO incoming links from other websites, your site will not be included in the Google index. You MUST have at least one incoming link from another website if you want to show up in Google at all! Let’s repeat this

You need at least one incoming link before you show up in Google at all!

Sending link exchange requests and updating your links pages are very time consuming and boring processes. But without a great deal of incoming links your site wont be able to attain a good ranking for your keyword on the search engine result pages.

Incoming links from other website will also help to bring a great deal of traffic to your websiteas follows.

The quality backlinks that you get from other website will help to improve your SERP positions. Since more people will find your website by searching on Google, you will get more traffic to your website.

By getting a link to your website posted on multiple websites, you will get great exposure. The power of link exchange should not be underestimated. Link from other websites will drive traffic to your website slowly and it will also help you to escape from the google addiction on getting website traffic. It is a long term strategy and the traffic to your website will increase as long as you actively manage the reciprocal link campaign.

What Google and other search engines trying to do is to return the most relevant and up to date result for the search query. One possible way google find the relevance of your website a keyword is by searching and analyzing the keywords on those websites which link to your webpages. Which means what other websites say about your site really matters. The content on the page that link to your website will be as important as the content in your website as well. The quality of the links to your website will be as important as the quantity of the links.

The theme or topic of the website that links to your must match your websites theme. You could have 1000s of pages linking to your website, but if the anchor text and the text on the page doesn’t match your websites topic, those link won’t probably do any good to your search engine rankings

The quantity of the links is not the only factor that determines a sites ranking. If that was the case every site in the world wide web would link each other indiscriminately and the website with the most number of incoming link would rank #1 for a given keyword on all search engines. That is clearly not the case.

The link quality of a link from one website to another is determined by the following factors

1 . The link text – does the text that links to your website contain the keyword (This is the most important one)

2. Text of other links on the same page – do they also contain, or are similar to, your keywords?

3. Is the link located in a paragraph and the link is surrounded by relevant text. When it comes to quality of links, search engine prefer inline links with informational text around it. If the links are listed a page with no or little non-linked text , the link wouldn’t bring much value to the website.

4. Does the title of the linking page contain keywords or is it related to the linking text ?

SEO Training will help you how to optimize your Web site to obtain better search engine positioning on the world’s most popular search engines and directories for target keywords and phrases. Whether you want to start a career in Internet marketing, add a new skill to your Web business, or learn the secrets to search engine success for your own site, the SEO Training Program will help you reach your goals.

The Top 3 Online Marketing Lies Busted

Becoming successful with internet marketing means you’re going to have to stop making the same old mistakes and you’re going to have to forget those fallacies you believe in. That’s right, there are many myths in the Internet marketing world that are common, and are believed by new Internet marketers. Here are a few internet marketing tall tales that will help you to have more confidence in the venture you’re pursuing. When you hear the SEO is divided into 2 main aspects, on page and off page SEO, than you should know that off page SEO means Link Building.

The largest misconception most new internet marketers believe is true is that you need loads of money to advertise goods on the internet. If that was actually true, you wouldn’t see all these new people trying to get into the business. There are so many ways to market products online that there are many cheap and even free techniques available. Then there’s the fact that you won’t be paying for advertising like you would with pay-per-click, so you shouldn’t have to invest very much capital. Article writing is one free way that you can use where you publish articles online so as to attract more visitors. Video marketing is another means that’s gaining in popularity, and that’s mostly because videos bring lots of traffic. Above all, you can always count on the search engine traffic to bail you out when you have no other source. The search engine traffic is absolutely free, but it’s right on target. Once you actually start working on your internet marketing venture, you’ll see that it doesn’t require a penny to begin. After that, you may want to put your money back into your business so as to market to a wider audience.

This actually makes things confusing because when there are too many options, you don’t know what would work for you. But then again, this does not make for a hard situation; just test and see which one is suitable for your needs. Jon Leger had done it again with Instant Article Wizard which is the best solution for automating your article research.

The last area of discussion concerns PPC traffic, and the myth is that it’s the easiest way to drive traffic. This is actually a myth because dabbling with PPC and actually finding success with it requires you to put in a lot of time, effort and above all, money. This is definitely not a place for rank newbies to find themselves in because it’s just too dangerous in terms of losing money. Again, this is one of those areas that you can only warn people about. But you will need to have some experience and groundwork before you go full blown with PPC.

All in all, this article has taught us that if you want to be successful in internet marketing, you have to be knowledgeable about its complex details.

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How To Incorporate Adsense Into Your Affiliate Marketing

A great many individuals are pulled in by affiliate marketing because it may be quite rewarding as far as money goes, even if you only stay at home. Affiliate marketing programs are best alternatives to those that are both sick and tired of their arduous daily work only to move up the old company ladder. You do not require products to sell, you only need to market them in your very own site and you don’t need to be concerned about processing the customers’ payments or the shipping of the products. Naturally you wish earn huge amount of money, however remember, that affiliate marketing can’t guarantee you instant success if you don’t do the work.

The easiest way for you to enhance your cash income is by integrating Google AdSense into the marketing campaigns. However, what is Google AdSense, what are its advantages and how could it enhance the revenues? Those are some of the questions you may wish to make, so let’s attempt to probe at Google AdSense, so you’d have knowledge of the ways it may aid you in your affiliate marketing campaign.

Merchants place the advertisements into Google, being one of the most popular search pages or devices for finding different resources on the Internet. Now the Google AdSense program allows you to display these ads in your site and then as the visitors click them, you make money. The advertiser, being the merchant compensates Google for each and every click-through performed by a customer and you as a partner of Google, get a share from that payment.

Having Google ads on your website is also a method of getting your visitors to come back to your site. Repeat customers multiply your income without needed to exert extra effort to convince them again to click through your links. Nevertheless, the ability to make money does not rely on them solely and because you currently posses their confidence, they could be your endorsers as well. They could refer your site to family and friends who likely share the exact same interests as them.

Advertisers in the Google AdSense campaign can be large international companies to smaller local organizations, therefore the targeted market for these ads can range as well. This puts variety to your website – therefore, bringing in various types of visitors and when you bring in additional users, you increase the earning potential as well. If you are targeting a specific nationality for your site visitors, do not fret since AdSense can be used in different languages.

In order to boost your revenues through Google AdSense, you must pay close attention to creating sites of decent themes. Make contents related to high-paying ads, so you can make more money and though it’s true some ads only pay only a few cents, other ads may give you several dollars for only a single click. You would need to do a little investigation on the topic so that you can come up with a more relevant material and that’s the reason you should sign up for affiliate marketing forums, to gain hints from experienced affiliate marketers.

Becoming an AdSense affiliate marketer is easy and fast, you just need to apply on the Internet and when your application is approved, you can immediately set up Google ads on your own website. All you need to do is copy and paste a few codes onto the pages and in no time the ads will show up on your site. Take advantage of the favorable circumstances the Net is providing to you and get the most of your affiliate marketing prospects, by utilizing Google AdSense!

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How To Draw The Internet Crowd Into Your Business

You can draw hundreds of customers to your business without any trouble at all. How do you conduct this magic? It’s simple – through the wonder of the social media revolution.

Some estimate that billions of people post on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter every day. Those are all potential customers to your business, you just have to know how to reach out and connect to them. Here are a few tips for making that happen.

1. Don’t just post a ton of junk and hope to catch a fish. People don’t want to read something that hasn’t had any effort put into it. You should try to focus your efforts into worthwhile postings. Also make sure to check your spelling and grammar as these can have a serious impact on the legitimacy of your posting. Finally, don’t just spread other people’s junk either. Weigh your links based on how important you really think they are.

These seemingly minor mistakes can come back to haunt you by forming an impression in the minds of your readers that you are an idiot not worthy of their time or business.

2. Take the time to build community. This means letting a little bit of yourself out there on the net. Whether it is a post about your child or a picture of your pet, people want to know a little bit about the people they might be buying from. Put a human face on your company.

3. Don’t be afraid to help others. Whether your are on a forum, or somebody sends you an email, answer back. Even if you don’t know the precise answer, you can provide background information that might help somebody. And once people see that your company isn’t a giant, unfeeling monolith, you may be able to make a sale – or several.

4. Don’t flood your readers with spam. Nobody likes it, and if you do it you will lose.

This will destroy your brand value as surely as about anything. It is almost better to say nothing at all than to ruin your own value by flooding your Twitter stream or Facebook wall with yet another message touting your business or web site link. People will see through that sort of behavior.

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Ideas To Write A Good Author Box

Talking about article marketing you may have read a number of things but the main thing behind article marketing is that it’s of no use if you can make your reader do what you want them to do.

Writing a number of articles is not important but it is important to write one article which increases the number of clicks. It is simply useless to write many articles which generate no useful clicks and thus you can’t make money.

You will create enemies who are less hard working. Those who optimize their article to convert can even get you killed. Those who work less feel envy on you.

By increasing the number of clicks, you can increase your profit and once your profit is increased your resource box is optimized.

To test 10 different new resource boxes you need to go through them one by one. Follow this process to reduce your CRT to down to 4. Following this process you will then discard the bad resources. Then you will find that best ones will improve by themselves.

The new resource boxes can also be tested by using system of scale. This is a great way to give competition to your enemies. The concept behind this is that the strategy which is successful in one niche will work in other niche too. This is a competitive way to use the information learned today, later.

At the end being reserved is not a good job. Advertising is good for you if you are a big marketer. The action to be taken on call should be used in national campaigns.

And yes there is no problem in going with their ideas for your own use and content and articles. And if these articles or products of yours are propagating their offers or ideas, there is no problem at all.

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A Telling Look At The New Apple White IPhone 4 Features

With so much technology available on the market today, it can be confusing when you are shopping for a new phone. There are many different types and styles. You can purchase anything from a clam shell design to a thin candy bar shaped phone. This article will look at the newest smart phone, the new white Apple iphone 4.

The new smart phones are small enough to carry everywhere, yet, seem to be able to do many functions that you find on your home computer. Everyday, more applications are released and you can do more and more things just by using your cell phone. Now you can check your bank account balance, order pizza, and book your plane ticket, all from a cell phone that seems to have it all.

There are thousands of apps, or applications that you can download and install on the new Apple smart phone. You can find an application for anything from travelling to cooking to money management. A person could never exhaust the available downloadable information for their iphone. New applications are made every single day. With their new system, you just tap the screen to download. It couldn’t be easier.

The thin, sleek design of the new iphone 4 makes it comfortable to carry anywhere. It weighs only 4.8 ounces (137 grams). It is available to purchase in white or black. The beautiful colour screen means you can watch video’s and movie’s from practically anywhere. Internet access is fast and easy with 3g. Bumpers, or covers, are available for purchase in a variety of colours.

The amount of things that you can do with the new phone is amazing. Some of the functions include a camera phone, text messaging, web browsing, and Wi-Fi connectivity. With its multi-touch screen, navigation couldn’t be easier. The virtual keyboard is fast and easy to use.

The iphone is superior to other phones on the market because of its display and user-friendly apps. Imagine just being able to touch an app to download it onto your phone. The beautiful and colourful screen display makes surfing the web fun and easy.

If you are in the market for a new phone, the new Apple white iphone 4 blows the competition out of the water. If are searching for a phone that can do almost anything, this is it. Once you try the virtual keyboard, you will question how you ever survived using a non-virtual qwerty keyboard. If you are searching for the next generation cell phone, you’ve found it.

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3 Powerful Facebook Advertising Tips

The old days when it was extremely simple getting traffic are gone forever, and while it’s not hard it is getting more difficult because so many people are crowding the online space. But then again, you do have paid advertising options like Facebook advertising that make life a lot easier. You can find just about any kind of targeted market at Facebook, and even though it’s paid traffic there are still tons of marketers who are using it. Continue reading to discover a couple of solid tips so you can get involved with Facebook advertising.

One of the most effective tips when you’re advertising on Facebook is to send the traffic to your Facebook fan page. It’s necessary to learn about fan-pages, why they’re effective, and then how to market them for visibility and traffic. You can direct people straight to your website; however you can achieve higher conversion rates when you send the to your fan page, first. The reason for this is Facebook users find it easier to like a page and become a fan, which means the conversion rate will obviously be higher. It’s just numbers and marketing, so the simple strategy is to collect as many fans as possible because then all of those people will see your offer. But you need to prove this for yourself, so that’s easy for you to do and you should do it. What? No fan page on Facebook? If you have an account with Facebook, then it’s really pretty straightforward to make a fan page. But you do need to understand that it’s not as easy as just having a page and get fans to join you. It’s necessary to find a way to compel people to interact on your fan page, and then they can see your website and check out your offers. The more attractive you make it for people, then you will see a better response from them.

Ok, the next strategy may come across as surprising, but we’re going to ask you to trust what we’re saying. When making any ads, for the images of any people in your ads; you will want to have highly unattractive people in them, or extremely beautiful people. The greater emotional response you can create within people, the stronger they will respond to what they’re seeing. But make sure that the faces in your ads are clear and visible. Stop ’em cold; that is what you want to do with people, and then you also want to get that strong gut reaction to your pics. And since people are used to seeing and responding to faces on Facebook, this strategy makes complete sense.

One additional approach are the engagement ads for the home page viewers – everyone. This isn’t for everyone, of course, and we realize that because these ads need one to have the necessary budget. If you wanted to run a marketing video, then you can do that with this ad space. These ads cost a lot, and probably the businesses and people with the means to do them will already have heard about them.

You can do well if you use the Facebook advertising tips here, learn more, and take action.

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How To Build Up A List In Online Marketing

If you want to be successful in internet marketing then you will most definitely need to build a list. The most important thing when building such a list is to focus on getting targeted traffic.

The income from this business if it gets successful is not only large, but it’s recurring as well. So you will need to find as many customers as possible and send them emails on a regular basis that will inform them about the products that you offer.

The article marketing is more of a time investment rather than a money investment. And if you aren’t handling this at the beginning you can always find useful tips online.

You will have to write simple articles that will best describe the products and that will be able to convince people to opt-in n your products. These articles should be informative but you will also have to find a way to attract your customers.

If you have a blog then you can post one or more such article on your page. You can also choose to post these articles on EnzineArticles.

The article should be very easy to find. You can choose low competition key words. This way you can make sure that they can be easily found with the help of a search engine.

Backlinks are very important too. You should rewrite the article as many times as you can. Then add a link that will redirect the client to the original article. This is a very good way to attract new customers and have many articles posted on one product.

The rank of the article will be highly improved this way. You will see that you will have a continuously growing list and after a period you will be highly appreciated by your colleagues that are in this line of work.

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