MariaDB adds support for big data analytics

MariaDB today moved to unite transactional and analytical processing in a single relational database with the announcement of the general availability of its open source MariaDB ColumnStore 1.0.

“What we’re offering is a single SQL interface for both OLTP and analytics,” says David Thompson, vice president of Engineering at MariaDB.

“MariaDB ColumnStore is the future of data warehousing,” Aziz Vahora, head of Data Management at Pinger, a specialist in mobile communication apps, added in a statement today. “ColumnStore allows us to store more data and analyze it faster. Every day, Pinger’s mobile applications process millions of text messages and phone calls. We also process more than 1.5 billion rows of logs per day. Analytic scalability and performance is critical to our business. MariaDB’s ColumnStore manages massive amounts of data and will scale with Pinger as we grow.”

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MariaDB pops up on Azure with new cluster service

Companies interested in deploying the increasingly popular MariaDB open source database on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform now have an easy way to do so, thanks to a new offering provided through the Azure Marketplace. 

Database administrators can deploy the new MariaDB Enterprise Cluster with MaxScale fairly simply by finding it inside Azure’s storefront for software vendors and going through a brief setup process. As the name implies, the system is set up as a system of three different MariaDB Enterprise instances, connected by Galera and MaxScale middleware. It’s provided by the MariaDB Corporation, a company built to help govern and make money off the open-source database of the same name. 

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