IBM makes leap in quantum computing power

IBM has some new options for businesses wanting to experiment with quantum computing. Quantum computers, when they become commercially available, are expected to vastly outperform conventional computers in a number of domains, including machine learning, cryptography and the optimization of business problems in the fields of logistics and risk analysis. Where conventional computers deal in […] Read more »

AWS is still a minnow — but it makes big waves

Amazon Web Services may no longer surpass 10X the utilized capacity of its next 14 closest competitors, thanks to a booming Microsoft Azure and signs of life at Google, but it’s still the $ 10 billion-plus gorilla in cloud computing. Ironically, this makes it a mere minnow in the grand scheme of enterprise IT. The […] Read more »

Google Makes Machine Learning Available To Enterprise IT

At its machine learning event, Google put on a display of APIs for use in automated image analysis and categorization — and for the translation of 103 languages. The company joins AWS and Microsoft in offering more of these services through the cloud. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Nervana’s cloud platform makes deep learning more widely availableGoogle […] Read more »

DreamPitch: Claire Product-Testing Startup Makes The Cut

Claire wants to help companies launch more successful products, so it offers an online testing service based on Facebook Messenger and chatbots. Here’s how it won praise at Dreamforce 2016. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Startup CEO Arrested for Child Abuse, Assault, and Attempted MurderTrading Technologies acquires Chicago AI startup NeurensicIndonesia's first ever IPO by a startup […] Read more »

Nervana’s cloud platform makes deep learning more widely available

Deep learning has usually been accessible to only the largest organizations, but that’s starting to change. On Monday, an AI startup called Nervana launched a cloud offering for what it calls deep learning on demand. Nervana Cloud is a hosted platform designed to give organizations of all sizes the ability to quickly build and deploy […] Read more »

Safe Harbor’s ending makes for a good start for Cloud28+

After two months of beta testing, European enterprise app and service store Cloud28+ is open for business, making it easier for companies wanting to host their applications or data in Europe to find a home for them. A beta test is usually a shakedown, intended to remove any lingering bugs, but for Cloud28+ it was […] Read more »

Amazon makes it easier to lock down the cloud

If there’s a common refrain in enterprise security these days, it’s that nobody wants to become the next Sony, Experian, Scottrade, Target or Home Depot. Moving workloads to a public cloud service means that companies can leave some of the day-to-day work of securing their infrastructure to professionals who manage those services.  To read this […] Read more »