Samsung scion's defense fights back as legal appeal begins

SEOUL (Reuters) – The heir to South Korea’s Samsung Group appeared in a packed court on Thursday for the first day of arguments in the appeal of his five-year jail term for corruption. The 49-year-old Jay Y. Lee was convicted by a lower court in August of bribing former president Park Geun-hye to help strengthen […] Read more »

Privacy group shoots legal arrow at Privacy Shield

Privacy Shield, the legal agreement allowing businesses to export Europeans’ personal information to the U.S., is under fire. An Irish privacy advocacy group has challenged the adoption of the decision in the EU’s second-highest court, Reuters reported Thursday, citing sources familiar with the case. Privacy Shield took effect in July, replacing the Safe Harbor framework, […] Read more »

Put an end to false online scam complaints expeditiously

Discipline and vigilance is required in preserving your positive brand image. This not only helps you attract more customers, but it also convinces your current customers to stay with you. In fact, most companies spend on a lot of advertisements online and offline to keep building their brand with their consumers. Ideally, you'd want to be constantly in their face so they remember you when they have the need of your kind of product or service. Read more »

Quash online complaints of being a scam quickly

In today's ultramodern world, more and more people are turning to the Internet for a wide range of activities. The web is the world's go-to place for entrepreneurial pursuits as well as for something as mundane as celebrity gossip. In fact, it is a magnet for all the good things and bad things of the world. The truth is that it's pretty easy to take verbal pot shots at people online because you can hide behind a shield of anonymity. Read more »

Stop scam allegations online quickly

Businesses are now tapping the World Wide Web to market their business and to get more clients. It makes sense because millions are connected the net to do business and also for other purposes such as research and entertainment. We are also utilizing the net to keep in touch with friends and relatives through social networking sites. Read more »

Subdue online complaints in no time at all

You may not actually admire the fact that there may have been long and ongoing discussions and gossips regarding you and your business all around the internet. These gossips may surround your private or professional life, or both. In any case, you remain the center of attention at this irritable situation. And everyone is aware of the unease and discomfort that such situations bring along. One way to counter such situations is to take refuge in reputation management online. Read more »

Crush online complaints and libel swiftly

Most people think that it is easy to put up and maintain a business. For an employee, a business owner have many advantages such as work time flexibility and the freedom to decide for the business in an executive capacity. These may seem as easy tasks, however, having a business is extremely challenging. This is all the more true when the business is based online. A brand that you developed painstakingly for many years can be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Read more »

Put an end to sociopathic Internet complaints expeditiously

If you have been recently victimized by damaging online feedbacks, then you need help from a brand protection expert. This is where online reputation repair management comes in. The solution to your problem will be through creating positive marketing for your brand, which is also the best way to combat damaging content against your business. Read more »

Curb online complaints rapidly

Publishing of a false statement is defamation; here publishing does not mean to make it in some printing form. When a statement is known to others, to any third party it is said to be published. Defamation is usually as the result of false or untrue publishing of any statement concerning a particular or general behavior of persons. Slander is a non fixed or transitory representation while libel is something printed or a fixed representation. People degrade others in taking revenge or damaging the worth of their competitors. It can be done to earn some advantage or just to make others suffer. Fast growing networks have allowed people to choose simple ways of getting their objectives. Social networking and communication sites provide easy opportunities to people in defaming others. Read more »

Smother false online competitor complaints briskly

The term brand reputation is considered completely separate from those conventional marketing campaigns. Brand reputation states that due to improved transparency and entrance to so much information, old conventional branding whether through formal statements, affiliations or marketing can easily be confirmed and assessed. Hence, reputation stands as a growing role in keeping corporations truthful and forcing them to take authoritative actions, rather than merely making media apology or simply a cover up. Read more »

Stifle Internet defamation complaints hurriedly

The term brand reputation is considered completely separate from those conventional marketing campaigns. Brand reputation states that due to improved transparency and entrance to so much information, old conventional branding whether through formal statements, affiliations or marketing can easily be confirmed and assessed. Hence, reputation stands as a growing role in keeping corporations truthful and forcing them to take authoritative actions, rather than merely making media apology or simply a cover up. Read more »

Restrain online scam complaints rapidly

Celebrities always seem to be fair game for the general public. They get rocks and criticism thrown at them all the time. Don't some folks love it when they fall from grace and show us just how human they really are? While it's not something that we'd like to happen for brands and companies, it's still pretty interesting for most people when companies goof up. Read more »

How to Reclaim a Damaged Online Image

The web is too small for online businesses to coexist peacefully with each other. In order to be on top of the game, a business needs to conquer the rapidly growing online market, while also getting ahead of fellow competitors. In order to do this, various marketing strategies and techniques have been implemented, including competitor elimination. However, not all these methods are actually clean and honest. Read more »

End scam complaints with 3 easy steps swiftly

Defamation of character may sound fake, but in reality it is a true, serious crime. We've all done it one time or another, even if we didn't realize it. Yes, even those who operate online businesses. But how do you protect your online businesses from defamation of character? Read more »

Reasons for Protecting Your Online Reputation

Reputation is important to everyone. But it is even more important to the Internet-savvy businessman. This is mainly because it is synonymous to the solid reputation and good name that he is trying to build for his business empire. It is very important to protect and take care of it Why? Because it is key to a business' success or failure. Read more »

Responding to Online Content Against your Reputation

People rely heavily on the Internet. Companies invest good money to make their presence felt in the World Wide Web simply because millions can easily be reached through this medium. Before we had the World Wide Web, people had to invest heavily in TV, print, and radio just to get people to buy their products or services. Because of the online world, however, many businesses now rake in more profits than ever before. Read more »

Why Your Online Image Matters

A lot of businessmen are now using the Internet to build a reputable brand for themselves or their company. Lots of time, effort, and money are expended in order to establish a positive image and reputation online, which in turn will allow them to develop a growing customer base and increase profits. Most of the time, this work can prove to be invaluable, especially if you know your Internet marketing stuff. However, all that work can easily be rendered useless in just a matter of minutes by slander and libel. Read more »

Remedies for Internet Defamation, Slander and Libel

Life has certainly changed because of the Internet. The Internet age has given us a faster way to do business with a direct channel to an instant global market--especially once you've established your online business presence. You have close to 2 billion people who spend their time in cyberspace researching, reading, interacting and discussing just about anything under the sun. This is the market for any online business and your online reputation can harness that to monetize a growing traffic to your product site with the right SEO tools. But cyberspace can turn your advantage around with uncontrolled slander and libel that, if left unchecked, can ruin your product image online. Read more »

Some Basic Things to Know about Protecting Your Online Reputation

These days, the most popular online tool for looking up brands, subjects, terms, people, places and just about any topic of your interest is the search engine. For both persons and organizations, however, there are pros and cons of having a reputation online. Read more »

How You Can Restore Your Online Reputation

Your business reputation carries as much value online as it does offline. But unlike traditional media forms such as radio, television or print, the internet makes it a lot easier to defame your company and brand reputation. With the ease of posting in blogs, forums and social networking sites, or submitting articles in ezines, your reputation is game for slander and libel from anyone with accesses to cyberspace. Read more »

How To Manage Your Reputation Online

Anything online is pretty much fair game. Anyone can take potshots on anyone just for fun, and get it posted as the number one result. In fact, a couple of years ago, searching for "miserable failure" online resulted in the Wikipedia entry of the former President George W. Bush as the number one result. Good thing that Google was able to defuse that bomb. This just goes to show that in the hands of a malicious competitor, the efforts you've been making in spicing up your e-commerce site and ramping up your SEO online marketing will not be enough. You will also have to be vigilant against threats on your person or company through reputation management online. Read more »

Strategies on How to Protect Your Online Reputation

Have you ever experienced defamation of character in cyberspace? Has somebody ever made a statement and tried to taint your reputation? Have you encountered former employees from your company, ex-customers, or competitors who have said libelous statements against you, or your brand? So how can you possibly manage online reputation? Read more »

How Banning Sports Betting Undermines The Constitution

The Federal ban on sports betting has been blasted by anyone who knows anything about the subject for a number of different reasons. Though the US professional leagues suggest that sports betting threatens the integrity of their games, the opposite is the case. The professional bookmaking industry is usually where any type of compromised or fixed game is discovered. Ultimately, the best case for legal sports betting is Constitutional. Read more »