?Kubernetes takes a big step forward with version 1.8

If you want to manage containers in the cloud, Kubernetes is the program for you. Its latest release, Kubernetes 1.8, is better than ever. Why is this important? Containers are moving quickly into becoming the way to run server-level applications both in data-centers and the cloud. According to a recent report from research house Redmonk, […] Read more »

If AWS is serious about Kubernetes, here’s what it must do

Amazon Web Services has joined the “Anyone-but-AWS” club, pledging its support to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to better align with the Kubernetes crowd. It’s not as if the cloud giant had much of a choice: As much as AWS wanted to ignore Kubernetes into obsolescence, the gravitational pull around Kubernetes is simply too strong. […] Read more »

Azure Container Instances: No Kubernetes required

Microsoft has introduced a new container service, Azure Container Instances (ACI), that is intended to provide a more lightweight and granular way to run containerized applications than its Azure Container Service (ACS). ACI runs individual containers that you can configure with specific amounts of virtual CPU and memory, and that are billed by the second. […] Read more »

Microsoft acquires Deis to boost its Kubernetes chops

Microsoft is acquiring Deis, a company that makes tools to work with the Kubernetes open-source container orchestration system. The deal, announced Monday, marks Microsoft’s continued interest in container orchestration. Deis creates tools that aim to simplify the development of modern, containerized applications. Containers allow developers to write an application for an isolated, portable runtime that […] Read more »

IBM chases Google, Microsoft with Kubernetes in the cloud

It’s only a matter of time before every major cloud vendor offers a version of Kubernetes as a service. Now it’s IBM’s turn. This morning IBM announced the next logical step in its work with Docker containers: Kubernetes support on its Bluemix Container Service. Currently available in a limited beta, its feature set should match Google’s […] Read more »

eBay Container Management Tool Works With Kubernetes

eBay wants to expand its use of Docker containers and has composed a tool, TessMaster, to help them run on Kubernetes cluster management. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Hypernetes unites Kubernetes, OpenStack for multitenant container managementAzure Container Instances: No Kubernetes requiredIDG Contributor Network: Apcera rolls out its container management platform?Kubernetes takes a big step forward with version […] Read more »

Kubernetes – the platform for running containers – is getting more enterprisey

Application containers are all the buzz nowadays. They’re an easy way to package applications and their dependencies into Linux container boxes and run them anywhere – public cloud, a private data center or a developer’s laptop. The problem comes when managing a whole lot of containers together. +MORE AT NETWORK WORLD: Everything you need to […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: Weaveworks moves beyond Docker with plug-in for Kubernetes

An announcement coming today from networking vendor Weaveworks is interesting in and of itself, but even more so when seen in the broader context. Weaveworks is the vendor behind Weave, a networking and monitoring tool for the Docker containerization platform. The company is today announcing the availability of a plug-in for the Kubernetes cloud-native operating system. […] Read more »

Hypernetes unites Kubernetes, OpenStack for multitenant container management

Hyper, creator of a VM isolated container engine that’s compatible with Docker, has debuted a project for running multitenant containers at scale. The Hypernetes project fuses the Hyper container engine with Kubernetes and uses several pieces from OpenStack to create what it describes as “a secure, multitenant Kubernetes distro.” [ Dig into the the red-hot open […] Read more »