Plush Super Ellie Stuffed Elephant Is Loved By All

This plush elephant was purchased as a birthday gift. I was very impressed with the soft, snugglie fabric this toy was made from. My child actually uses the toy to lay her head on. The shipping was impressive because we received the toy very quickly through the mail and this gives me the confidence to purchase other toys from this company with the understanding that I will receive the toy(s) in a timely fashion.

Dawn gleamed with excitement as she tore open her present, the plush Ellie the elephant. It is a true joy to see a child so happy when they honestly like the present that they get. I was very happy as well because I could see just how well made this animal was, it had a bunch of extra stitches, most stuffed animals do not have half as many.

Not only do kids love stuffed animals but adults do as well. My best friend loves them too and she is 32 years old. I bought her a stuffed plush Ellie the elephant as a thank you gift and the keeps thanking me over and over again. It is so nice to see just how much joy a simple little stuffed animal can bring to a person.

This plush elephant feels so nice when snuggled up to your chest, its no wonder why children love the Super Ellie Elephant toy. My child has proudly proclaimed that this stuffed elephant is one of her most favorite stuffed animals and she has not had it but for a week now.

The features on this elephant look exactly like a real elephant other than it just a lot smaller, of course. I never have liked the elephants that were not like a real elephant, they look too much like a cartoon, just my opinion though. From the coloring down to the trunk they look just like what you expect them to.

When you buy the Ellie elephant you will feel like you got a very good deal. What you get compared to what you paid is way in your favor, I feel like I really got my moneys worth for a change instead of feeling like I bought another piece of crap product from the tv or online again.

If you go by what makes a person happy then this stuffed animal gets an a plus because even though the pricing combined with the features that are just like real is great sometimes the joy is worth more than money can buy.

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The Sorry Future Of The New York Knicks

If you’re a NY Knicks fan, then I must say I’m sorry. Dreams were crushed for New Yorkers last night as Lebron announced his move to the Miami Heat.

This announcement couldn’t have been any worse for NY fans. The current roster for the Knicks is laughable as the player of the future is Danilo Gallinari. Unfortunately, that won’t do it. Well, they did get Amare, but can he stay healthy? Probably not!

We all know it’s been a tough road for any Knicks fan in this past decade. I wish I can say it’s getting better, but it’s not! At least not in the next 5 years! For fans that don’t get to catch games very often due to the sky high prices at MSG, this will change. Tickets will be available for affordable prices, at least until they start competing.

So what do Knicks fans have to look forward? Well, besides for Amare eating up the cap space there are a few other things. We can look forward to the Heat coming to town and watching pure humiliation. I’d expect the Heat to beat the Knicks by about 40 points!

What else is there to look forward to as a Knicks fan? Nate Robinson will return to MSG for the 2nd time. There will also be some words from Marbury. I’d love to hear him voice his opinion and share what’s going through his head. It’s just a matter of time before he starts publicly ripping on the Knicks organization.

Bottom line, it’s going to be a very bumpy road for the Knicks in the near future. Many experts think this can be worse than the Travis Knight days. Charles Barkley once said that the Knicks organization will be cursed after they traded away Patrick Ewing. Everyone wanted Ewing to retire as a Knick, but they decided to toss him for Luc Longley and Glen Rice. That was a bust of a trade!

I’m sure the Knicks back-office is kicking themselves, but I’m not sure they realize how bad it really is! I’d imagine they still try to make things a bit better. Maybe they can look for some sign and trade deals, but its slim pickings with those players.

So it doesn’t look like it will get much better. They do not have a first round pick in 2012 and Houston has the right to trade picks with them for next year’s draft. As a Cavs fan, they have it pretty bad too although the Cavs will still be better than the Knicks even without Lebron.

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The World Cup Finals

During the World Cup qualifiers and the European Championships Spain produced goals like no team I’ve ever seen before. It was never a problem as they simply knew how to find the back of the net. However, in the 2010 World Cup Spain had trouble scoring in the finals against Netherlands.

It was just a matter of time before one of their chances went in. They had the momentum and all experts were saying Spain would do it as the game went on. Finally, a red-card was drawn and that played a big role in opening up some space for Spain.

In the 116th minute Andres Iniesta gave the lead to Spain. Torres and Fabregas came off the bench and helped put some pressure on the exhausted Netherlands team. Spain kept the pressure on and they were due. They knew they had to avoid penalties as that’s pretty much a toss up. So they kept on working!

Many teams would have lost their focus, but Spain’s persistent attack is what makes them so good. They knew it would finally come and it did. This was actually the story of the tournament for them as they only scored 8 goals throughout the World Cup. Typically, a championship team will score more than that. This didn’t bother Spain, or if it did they brushed it off and kept working hard.

Many fans are left wondering what could have been for the Netherlands. What would have happened if they didn’t get a red card? What about Arjen Robben’s two great chances to score? Nobody will ever know, but things would have absolutely been different.

Spain is only the third team in history to win the Euro Cup and the World Cup two years from each other. They currently have both trophies. Spain has some serious bragging rights, while Netherlands has secured the argument even further that they’re underachievers.

Many experts believe Spain was stronger at the Euro Cup two years ago, which makes their win even more impressive. They weren’t the best they’ve been and were still able to take home the title!

It’s not easy playing in these games for four weeks in Africa. After a long professional season, the bodies of these players need a rest and for this reason, having a deep bench is crucial. Clearly, Spain had one of the deepest teams in the tournament and Netherlands chose the wrong team to go into extra time against!

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