Blockchain Barges into Insurance via IBM, AIG

IBM helps AIG create a cross-country, multi-party international risk policy tailored to use blockchain’s security and trust. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:IBM and Stellar Are Launching Blockchain Banking Across Multiple CountriesCan Blockchain Prevent the Next Equifax? Not So FastReview: SaltStack shifts devops into high gearHow IBM wants to bring blockchain from Bitcoin to your data centerWind […] Read more »

Farmers Insurance Transitions Customer Service With Salesforce Mobile App

Farmers Insurance CEO Jeffrey Dailey explained at this month’s Dreamforce how his firm was migrating the customer experience into the digital age. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:JPMorgan reaches beyond its branches with new mobile account appWhere the device hits the network – a mobile device management updateMicrosoft consolidates its mobile management tools under AzureMicrosoft consolidates its […] Read more »

The Presidential Choice Of Daley To Focus Other Officials Towards Economy

Obama Choice of Daley to Focus Staff on Economy. Yes, President Barack Obama announced the appointment of Bill Daley as the new White House chief of staff. He is sixty-two years of age and will take charge of talking to the media as representative of President Obama, especially about economic matters. He has a background in politics as the son of Richard J. Daley, the man who was mayor of Chicago for twenty-one years. His brother, Richard now serves as mayor of Chicago. Read more »

How Temporary Car Insurance Can Be Better Value Than Annnual Cover

Most automobile insurance policies are still sold for 12 months. However, to accommodate the growing trend for flexibility required by drivers today, insurance cover can now be secured for as little as one day. Short term vehicle insurance is usually defined as insurance for one month or less. Related Posts:Blockchain Barges into Insurance via IBM, […] Read more »