Azure Container Instances: No Kubernetes required

Microsoft has introduced a new container service, Azure Container Instances (ACI), that is intended to provide a more lightweight and granular way to run containerized applications than its Azure Container Service (ACS). ACI runs individual containers that you can configure with specific amounts of virtual CPU and memory, and that are billed by the second. […] Read more »

Azure Roundup: New high-performance compute instances and more

August was a slow month for tech news, but Microsoft continued to update its Azure cloud platform with a variety of new features, including a new type of instance for high-performance computing. Here’s the breakdown of all the features you need to know about: A new instance type powered by Nvidia Tesla GPUs Microsoft announced […] Read more »

How to bet on AWS Reserved Instances — and win

Cloud pricing is often presented as a simple “pay for what you use” proposition, perhaps with volume discounts — or penalties. But pricing can be as complex as for any on-premises licenses or network bandwidth service. Exhibit A: reservation-based pricing, such as Amazon Web Services’ Reserved Instances. If you expect consistent, heavy use, Reserved Instances […] Read more »

Amazon Adds ‘Scheduled’ Reserved Instances To Server List

Amazon Web Services has created what it calls “Scheduled Reserved Instances,” a variation to its low cost Reserved Instances, which is scheduled to run at specific times. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:How to bet on AWS Reserved Instances — and winAmazon adds managed NAT gateways to Virtual Private CloudToshiba shares to be removed from special watch […] Read more »