IDG Contributor Network: U.S. Postal Service will scan your mail and email you images before delivering

Who else has ambled down to the mailbox only to find it full of junk, or disappointingly devoid of eBay purchases? I have, and although I enjoy the chance for a gasp of fresh air after an electron-infested session at the computer, the sojourn can often be a bit of a waste of time. That […] Read more »

Developers get new tools from Google to analyze images

Developers can now easily build powerful applications that understand the content of images thanks to new machine vision tools released by Google. The company unveiled the beta of its Cloud Vision API on Wednesday, giving select developers an opportunity to run advanced image processing services that let their applications more easily handle pictures. Applications can […] Read more »

Downloading cool HD pictures

If you have a computer that has a very big screen, then I bet you will certainly want to have a nice screensaver on it that will kick in whenever your computer will be in stand by mode. You should know that the internet is full of screensavers and you will be able to download a lot of them without having to pay anything in return. All you need to do is have an active internet connection and after that, you will need to log in with your favorite browser and search with the corresponding keywords. Also, you should know that if you have Windows Vista or 7, you will be able to delve into using 3D screensavers that boast out HD quality. If there will be a few friends at your place and the computer will go in stand by mode, they will certainly be impressed of how cool your new screensaver is. Read more »