Sonos One Review: Amazon's Alexa Is Here, But It Still Has Some Growing Up to Do

I like my Echo. In my house, we use it to play radio stations, to get the weather, and to answer questions like “When was the Edo period?” One thing I don’t often use the Echo for is music. That’s because it sounds terrible. As good as Amazon’s Alexa voice service is, the Echo’s black […] Read more »

CompTIA: IT Skills Gap Appears to be Growing

A survey of 600 IT and business professionals finds more new skills are needed to keep the business up to date and competitive. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Sonos One Review: Amazon's Alexa Is Here, But It Still Has Some Growing Up to Do3 killer cloud skills that will get you hired todayNew partner programs for AWS […] Read more »

New partner programs for AWS are aimed at growing Alexa, IoT and more

While Amazon Web Services touts the self-service capabilities of its cloud, the company also works with a large number of channel partners to help companies migrate to and use its services. The cloud provider announced a suite of updates to its partner programs at its Global Partner Summit in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The updates […] Read more »

Growing Up Hybrid: The Hybrid Cloud Comes Of Age

Hybrid cloud is now the standard for getting the most out of your IT infrastructure. InformationWeek: Cloud Related Posts:Cloud Powers a Hybrid IT and New Digital ExistenceCloud Powers a Hybrid IT and New Digital ExistenceIDG Contributor Network: When it comes to cloud, one size does not fit allIDG Contributor Network: A guide to hybrid cloud […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: The new Rogue IT: A growing, invisible threat to your IT operations

Back in the day, “rogue IT” typically entailed departments building servers and putting them under their desks in an attempt to circumvent the IT department and all of the pesky security controls that came with IT-approved servers. Often, those servers sat under a desk, inside a closet or back room — unpatched, unprotected, and non-compliant […] Read more »