Working In The Film Studies Industry As A Critic Or Director

Film studies offers a variety of options to the person who is taking the courses, but the main positions they will qualify for will be to produce, to direct or to critically analyze films for their merit. The classes that you would have to take will include learning about the history of film itself and the differences culture can make. It will include more about what the movie is about than how it is made physically. Read more »

Eight Types Of Audio Engineering

A degree in audio engineering will enable you to get a career in several different fields. A sound engineer manipulates the sounds available to create a new and pleasing track from the different components available to him. They will have to be able to use several different types of machines to manipulate the sounds and be able to recognize the different aspects of the sounds that they are using. These are just a few of the careers that are available to anyone with this degree. Read more »

Differences and Similarities Between Print and Web Design

Graphic design classes and web design classes will cover much of the same material. Each course is designed to give you some basics that are used in many areas. There are advantages to each type of design. As you take your courses, you may decide in mid stream to change your major. This shouldn't be too much of a problem since some of the courses actually overlap each other. Read more »