?Kubernetes takes a big step forward with version 1.8

If you want to manage containers in the cloud, Kubernetes is the program for you. Its latest release, Kubernetes 1.8, is better than ever. Why is this important? Containers are moving quickly into becoming the way to run server-level applications both in data-centers and the cloud. According to a recent report from research house Redmonk, […] Read more »

AWS machine learning VMs go faster, but not forward

Amazon Web Services has unveiled a new generation of GPU-powered cloud computing instances aimed squarely at customers running machine learning applications. The P2’s a major step up from the previous generation of GPU-powered AWS instances, and it has plenty of memory to burn. But it’s built with an earlier generation of GPU, so it’s less […] Read more »

Star Storage to Take Forward Enterprise Information Archiving Domain with a New Version of SEAL

SEAL Advanced Search Bucharest, Romania (PRWEB) June 24, 2015 SEAL is an Enterprise Information Archiving software that leverages Hitachi Content Platform as an intelligent distributed object storage system to deliver the best functionalities for managing your electronic archive. Top companies across the Globe are using SEAL to store […] Read more »

Look forward to cross-dressing FFVII's Cloud and reason behind remake

Look forward to cross-dressing FFVII's Cloud and reason behind remake … While the game, by nature of its storyline and concept, is dark and carries a rather serious atmosphere, the light-hearted aspects, such as Cloud's cross-dressing, will remain one of the features fans can still look forward to. This time in HD quality … Read […] Read more »