Facebook Friends With Your Co-Workers? Survey Shows Your Boss Probably Disapproves

You and your colleagues pitch in together on difficult projects, lunch together, and have drinks together after work. You probably think it’s the most natural thing in the world to friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter or Instagram. Your boss, though, probably thinks you shouldn’t. That’s the surprising result of a survey of […] Read more »

Facebook says will make ads more transparent

(Reuters) – Facebook said on Friday it will make advertising on its social network more transparent and ask for documentation from advertisers, especially for political and election-related ads. FILE PHOTO: Facebook logo is seen at a start-up companies gathering at Paris’ Station F in Paris, France on January 17, 2017. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer/File Photo Advertisers will […] Read more »

Facebook to launch new virtual reality headset, 'Oculus Go'

SAN JOSE, Calif. (Reuters) – Facebook Inc plans to release a new virtual reality headset that does not require a separate computer to operate, unlike its Oculus Rift product, which allows for mobile uses, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Wednesday. Zuckerberg, speaking at a conference for virtual reality developers, said the “Oculus Go” device […] Read more »

Wisconsin, Michigan were key targets of Russia-linked ads on Facebook: CNN

(Reuters) – Russia-linked Facebook ads during last year’s U.S. presidential election mainly focussed on the states of Michigan and Wisconsin, CNN reported on Tuesday. The ads targeted key demographic groups and used divisive messages including promoting anti-Muslim sentiment, the report said, citing sources. cnn.it/2klAM2y Wisconsin and Michigan were among the handful of battleground states that […] Read more »

How much data can a fiber carry? Facebook and Nokia are pushing it

Facebook and Nokia have found a way to push a lot more data through a submarine cable across the Atlantic, which could help the social network keep up with the growth of video and virtual reality. On a 5,500-kilometer (3,400-mile) cable between Ireland and New York, the companies tested a new technique developed at Nokia […] Read more »

Facebook and AT&T herald a new day of open networking

Modular and open source are now the watchwords for network infrastructure, whether you’re delivering internet connections or VR cat videos. On Tuesday at the Structure 2016 conference in San Francisco, Facebook announced its most powerful modular data-center switch yet, and AT&T gave an update on its huge migration from dedicated servers to a software-based architecture. […] Read more »

OneDrive’s smarter photo features help it catch up with Facebook and Google

Microsoft is upping its game for organizing your personal photos. The company recently announced some significant changes to OneDrive’s photo features that borrows a little from Facebook and Google, as well as a slightly improved Photos app in Windows 10. Automatic Albums When you upload photos to OneDrive, the cloud service will now detect which […] Read more »

No! Facebook Messenger advertising? Spam-valanche in 3… 2… 1…

Facebook Messenger advertising is coming: Brace yourselves. This leaked document says brands can begin IM’ing ads to us soon—it mentions a way to prevent spam, but companies already seem to be tip-toeing their ways around it. The rumor seems to be somewhat confirmed. And it matches other statements that Facebook made recently. Mind you, it does […] Read more »

Facebook search tools take aim at Twitter’s relationship with news

Facebook is updating its search tool to make it easier for users to find things that interest them among the 2 trillion items archived by the company’s index. The update boasts personalized search suggestions, the ability to search through public posts in addition to those made by friends or family, and a new tool that allows people to […] Read more »

Facebook Marketing Secrets for Your Business

Within the final few several years, Facebook went from a university photo-sharing web page to a burgeoning business - networking platform for self-promotion, marketing and multimedia interaction. With new apps and add-ons, Facebook users can mail each other an online drink, develop and host activities, promote their companies via social advertisements, and much more. When Charlie Gibson hosted the discussion for the 2008 presidential candidates together with Facebook, the little networking web page became a powerhouse in the online-marketing community. Read more »

The Basics of Using Social Networks to Promote Your Site

Social networking and social media are some of the biggest buzzwords in the internet industry today. No web designer or website owner can ignore the importance of social media or underestimate its value to a business. Through social media, the Internet has become a tool that even small businesses can use to impact the marketplace. Simply using the social networks available and knowing what type of information to put out can make a small business as competitive as the major players in an industry. Read more »

Social Networks To Assist You With The Marketing Strategy.

As we see social networks are becoming a more trendy topic, so it is important to know what your company should do to improve its standing. Social networks sites usually known as outsourcing sites or otherwise freelance markets have made it easy for people who want to provide these products to the people who require those to be able to post their profile so that you can be able to draw the appropriate customers in. Read more »

Making Money Using The Social Networking idea.

Social networks have grown immensely these days with everyone beginning from mums and husbands, and down to teenagers using them. Not only may you be able to get new friends and partners on these sites, but you can also gain money if you use them correctly. The network organization in a social network can be much more effective than other methods online simply because people are inclined to be more susceptible to a familiar face. Read more »

Advertise Your Business With Social Networks.

It is great to have a desire to develop your business site into a great machine that is capable to perform social media marketing campaigns. Web sites for instance Facebook, MySpace or Twitter have changed our interaction capabilities- that is the- system we communicate with people in far away countries, supplying us with the chance to supply ideas and information and even get the chance to promote and tell people of the services and merchandise being on tender in our enterprise. Read more »

Amish shah magic bullet system 2

Many americans and canadians are looking to make money online and looking for that next big thing that they can jump on that will provide them the opportunity to take care of them and their family and finally have that financial success they have been looking for. Fortunately there are opportunities to make money and grow your wealth everywhere you look, especially in a slow economy. People in a down economy get more fearful and begin to hoard and spend their money in different ways. If you position yourself where they are spending it's easy to capitalize and make money from this economy. Read more »

A Review of Mafia Wars Blueprint

Mafia Wars Blueprint is more than your average Mafia Wars guide on the internet. One thing that makes Mafia Wars Blueprint different from the other guides is the writer, Tony Saunders, who is also a player of Mafia Wars and currently one of the best. He's taken the time to create an easy to follow guide that will help you learn different techniques that will help you be successful and master the game using the same strategies and tactics he used himself. Read more »

Consequences Of Facebook

It is interesting to think that Facebook was launched in February 2004 and has increased to more than 500 million members, it truly is an extraordinary accomplishment. It is a feat of epic levels and a remarkable success story which also reflects the increasing recognition of social networking. There are individuals whose career is now dependant of Facebook. There is certainly a constant struggle between independent application developers and development firms for instance Zynga, around the planet including web design London. Read more »

Useful Ways to Get More Fans for Your Facebook FanPage

Anyone seeking a way to reach large numbers of targeted prospects for their online promotions should consider using Facebook. If you're aware of how Facebook is helping businesses, you'll know that the social network allows you to create a fan page of your own, where you can have people join in. No matter what market you're targeting, you are certain to find it among Facebook's huge number of users, and building a fan page is the way to reach them. There are over 600 million members on Facebook right now and this number is growing. If you want to build up your own fan page on Facebook, use the three strategies we'll be covering below. The most powerful all in one SEO link building tool is without any doubt SEnuke. Read more »

Finding your Friends on Facebook

Perhaps you may have lost contact with everybody from the past. You start wondering, Gee, I wonder what ‘such and such’ is up to now-a-days. Indeed what do they look like now? Related Posts:Facebook Friends With Your Co-Workers? Survey Shows Your Boss Probably DisapprovesFacebook says will make ads more transparentFacebook to launch new virtual reality […] Read more »