Consequences Of Facebook

It is interesting to think that Facebook was launched in February 2004 and has increased to more than 500 million members, it truly is an extraordinary accomplishment. It is a feat of epic levels and a remarkable success story which also reflects the increasing recognition of social networking. There are individuals whose career is now dependant of Facebook. There is certainly a constant struggle between independent application developers and development firms for instance Zynga, around the planet including web design London.

Zynga is a fantastic example of success with Facebook. After being in business for almost three years the organization has an annual revenue of more than $100 million dollars and are responsible for some of the most popular applications on Facebook, specifically Farmville and Mafia Wars.

However, in the interest of fairness and objectivity, one might claim that Facebook is a bit like Marmite. You either love it or hate it. My fourteen year old niece for example will happily devote hour after hour on Facebook, in contrast I will invest possibly five to ten minutes on it just about every day or two.

Just how many times have you been out with close friends, possibly you had a few dozen too many alcoholic beverages and made a complete idiot of yourself, which would probably have been okay pre 2004 simply because even if your friends did have cameras and took pictures there was virtually no web site which could humiliate you in the unique way Facebook can.

The effect of Facebook has also passed on to companies and can now influence careers. It’s widely reported that employers will try and discover your profile on Facebook, just to see if there is anything you perhaps forgot to mention. You have the capability to share with the world absolutely everything that you like and dislike, your favourite music, foods, films and your political and religious affiliations.

For some, the quantity of information has gone too far. It’s frequently stated that knowledge is power, and if that’s the situation Facebook is all powerful simply because they have knowledge of around half a billion people. Some might question exactly what possible problems could come from all this knowledge?

Well a lot really. To start with, firms will go to extreme lengths to gather data on customers and Facebook is a giant and rich data source of customers. Since 2004 marketing has grown to be increasingly substantial for the company mainly because it generates revenue. With Facebook businesses can easily create extremely targeted adverts, so one may argue that at least users aren’t inundated with random advertising. Through localizing the site Facebook is sending out a strong message of willingness to improve their service which is certainly encouraging.

There is also a substantially darker side to personal data and information which was confirmed during World War 2. In Germany and in other places in Europe, as the Nazis grasp extended to Poland, France, Holland and Belgium the census’ of these nations were employed to hunt down Jews and various other political enemies. Certainly this is a somewhat extreme example with the dark side of data but it did take place and does show how data can be used in the most unfortunate possible way.

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